Rugs are one of the most versatile soft furnishings in your living room. They are a lot cheaper than laying a whole carpet and can bring a real warmth and cosiness to your space. Rugs are also a great way to  change your living area seasonally. You can use them to cover up problem areas on your carpet or to bring some warmth underfoot if you have wooden or linoleum floors. Rugs are very much on trend this year to inject some personal style into your home in a quick and easy way.

Soft shagpile

Shagpile isn’t just something from the 1970s — it is definitely having a resurgence when it comes to home furnishings. In the home, go for neutral greys, creams and beiges to go with any bright-colored interiors.  Shag rugs are wonderfully tactile, and you’ll definitely want to take off your shoes and sock and run your toes through the soft fibers. They are particularly  warm in the winter months. The long strands are really delicate, so just make sure that you give your rug a gentle shake when cleaning it, before vacuuming it carefully. Follow the direction of the strands and you can keep your rug looking fresh.

Layering your rugs

Do you have a selection of rugs in assorted shapes and sizes? Or perhaps you’ve got a family rug that is too small and you don’t know where to put it. Layering rugs is right on trend this year and is a great way to make a statement. Place smaller patterned rugs on top of plain larger ones in your living space. Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns, too — stripes and spots can definitely go together, or you can even pair traditional patterns with  more modern and bold prints. A textured cow print is great fun in a dining area and will go well layered on top of a plan wool or jute rug.

Think vintage

Vintage rugs have a natural style and easiness about them — those faded patches are a sign of character. This great trend is the perfect excuse to get your grandma’s rug back out of the attic and use it as a statement piece in your home. A vintage rug pairs well with modern furnishings too and will give you living room an authentic and homely feel. Go for  Moroccan or Turkish patterns if you want an injection of color in your living room.
The furnishings in your home are a great way of making a statement. Rugs make a focal point and you can easily change them if you want to keep your living space looking fresh.