This informative guest post focuses on the way artificial intelligence impacts custom writing services and how it transforms the process of content creation.

The Impact of AI on the Writing Service Industry: Transforming the Way We Create Content

Today, humankind faces the phenomenon of artificial intelligence, or simply AI. It is widely used in various industries, including the custom writing service industry. Such smart tools like ChatGPT are hotly disputed because some claim they replace real writers and there is no need for them. In the meanwhile, AI commonly plagiarizes other authors and their articles. Thus, students do not get excellent grades for their essays. There are also some other drawbacks, which cannot be ignored. So, it’s vital to check the way it impacts this popular industry.

When students leave online cries for help, similar to “write my essay” they commonly count on assistance from real writers. Yet, there is a tendency that some services will use AI to write various academic papers instead of writers. It surely saves up a lot of money for them. Nonetheless, the quality of the content is questionable. We do not really believe that there will be a complete replacement of humans in the upcoming decade. Online services may simply use smart tools to help their writers. We have found out the pros and cons of the way AI transforms the way of the creation of content.

Enhanced Research

The first benefit for essay writers is the improved ability to research topics. The common way we all search for any data on the Internet is like this:

  • Open the browser and search engine
  • Type an accurate search request
  • Wait for a while to get the results
  • Check all available results

This process is quite simple and pretty fast. Nonetheless, such tools as ChatGPT speeds everything up. You only need to enter the search combination in this tool, and it will generate a text according to the most relevant Internet answers. Of course, it will hardly be unique. Yet, you always have to read various articles and either rewrite or paraphrase them. AI provides the text for improvement much faster.

Besides, you can play with the “form.” What do we mean? You may change the title just a bit, and the machine will write a different text. It may contain a few parts of the previous text, but new information will also appear. Besides, you can ask to write the text of different lengths and thus get new facts again.

Improved Editing

When you write any academic paper, you should always be ready to reread it to be sure it sounds natural and is easy to read. No matter how experienced an essay writer is, he or she surely checks him- or herself. This is when AI can help with the editing process.

The latest tools have empowered editing functions, which minimize problems during the revision process for any writer. It offers smart tips on how to improve this skill. It underlines your mistakes and offers corrections. You only need to memorize and learn from those mistakes.

Automated Text Analysis, Formatting, and Translation

Another great advantage is the chance to automate a lot of helpful functions when dealing with text. You can ask the tool to analyze the text, translate it (if it’s in a foreign language), or personalize it. It will be done according to your demands by default. No need to instruct AI every time you write a new text.

Finding a Voice

Artificial intelligence also helps to find your voice or strengthen it. AI does not sound human-like. Yet, you can get the foundation for your texts. All the writer needs is to rework “lifeless” sentences in a unique way and according to their tone of voice. Thus, every writer can improve his or her own voice of writing.

Beneficial Pricing

One more point to mention is the cost of various writing and editing tools based on AI. They are either free of charge or are quite cheap. Thus, all owners of custom writing agencies and their writers can freely use smart machines to get great benefits without spending a lot.

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Lowered Creativity

Now, let’s talk about the main drawbacks. The first one is a problem of creativity. No matter what dividends AI gets from its developers, it will not sound like humans for many years. Its texts can be easily detected by experienced users who order essays regularly, read various articles, or even communicate with a team of customer support.

Essays and other academic papers aren’t natural to the end. We must confess that some parts of the texts are really creative and interesting. Nonetheless, they require great editing due to overly machinery sounding. Even when some sites use AI to answer their clients, it doesn’t work well.

Strong Dependence

Another issue is related to the human factor. We all get used to the convenience of any kind pretty fast. Moreover, we do not eagerly refuse them. When paper writers get used to the smart assistance of AI, they stop progressing. They know that the smart machine will fulfill most of the functions instead of them and simply take it for granted. It’s a huge mistake that may lead to problems at work. The employers will have to fire all the writers who depend solely on AI.

Many students have started using it as well. As a result, they have problems in learning. Their teachers quickly find out that the voices and styles of students’ texts are different. They use special AI checkers to spot their theories. Thus, students lose vital grades.

Issues with Plagiarism

Finally, we must remember the beginning of this article. We’ve mentioned the issue of plagiarizing other authors. AI commonly takes several parts from various articles and generates one text. As a result, it is undoubtedly plagiarized. Essay writers cannot submit such texts and have to spend more time correcting non-unique elements. It may take a lot of time and strength, which makes the help of AI useless. In fact, AI-generated texts should be reworked instantly without using any plagiarism checker. Thus, you will save more time instead of hoping for a miracle.