The mere mention of the word “Wedding” brings to mind lavish décor, gaiety, ostentatious gifts and an all-around spirit of festivity. It is the day of the bride and the groom, they are the center of attention and are showered with love, gifts, and blessings.

Well, that is what we too used to think, up till our very first couple asked to list charity registry contributions at the top of their wedding registry. For them, no material gift could compare with the warm and fuzzy feeling they got by sharing their fortune with the less fortunate.

We are continuously surprised by the number of couples who prefer to make contributions or donations to causes they care about over physical gifts for themselves. The causes that our couples are passionate about are varied and ranges from environmental and social causes to cleanliness and hygiene issues – women empowerment is also a very passionate registry request.

In fact, there are many couples who have a Wishlist of the causes and charities that they care about. Most of the couples using our charity registry list their preferred charity not to oblige their guests into making contributions but to spread awareness about the causes close to their hearts.

In this age where showing off and flaunting wealth is in vogue it is refreshing to meet couples who want to share and spread goodwill on the day which quintessentially should revolve around them. We understand that happiness multiplies when you share. On your happiest day, you can bring smiles to other less fortunate and learn the joy of giving.

These modern day couples with their progressive thought process have motivated us to add more meaning to our gift registry and wishlist platform. We are thankful to all those couples who understand the spirit of sharing and truly believe that by giving back we can build a better society.