AI infrastructure is critical for developing AI-based business applications because it provides the necessary underlying infrastructure and tools for creating, training, and deploying machine learning models and other AI algorithms. The GCore AI team works to make this infrastructure available to businesses, and these solutions improve every user’s work, life, or entertainment every day.

Features of the GCore Lab work 

The company’s specialists combine Graphcore IPU and Gcore cloud services into a single AI IPU infrastructure with a single interface and API for rapid machine learning development. In this way, the team implements the “infrastructure as a service” approach, reducing business costs by integrating the latest solutions into their daily activities. Moreover, cloud services are available with free trials and optimal pricing options for innovators worldwide.

With a core AI infrastructure, customers can efficiently train and compare models, and all models are stored in a central repository. It is also possible to deploy models on Gcore AI infrastructure endpoints.

Who will be interested in such solutions?

This infrastructure supports every stage of AI implementation in various fields, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and scientific research. This approach allows you to use ready-made efficient infrastructure to develop and launch AI-based business applications.

Key advantages:

  • Speed of implementation;
  • Data processing speed;
  • Storage of large volumes of data
  • Support of complex computing operations
  • Ensuring appropriate data security.

In addition, having a vital AI infrastructure allows developers to use tools and libraries more effectively to develop and train AI models and provides a faster and more efficient process for implementing AI-based business applications.

With a reliable basic infrastructure, business application developers can focus on more complex and essential processes, achieve their goals faster, and successfully perform many tasks. Instead of spending a year developing a new business product, companies can launch new applications, programs, or systems in just a few months. It is the same as building a beautiful house based on an already ready, strong, and reliable foundation. You still have a lot of important work to do, but once the groundwork is laid, it’s much easier to deal with.

We predict that the AI infrastructure will continue to develop at a breakneck pace. Soon, AI will offer even more options, such as image or voice recognition, speech generation, computation, and management of large volumes of data. It means that your business must be ready for these changes. Instead of resisting new technology, make it a valuable tool to achieve your goals.