Proper maintenance of your air conditioner is essential to keeping your home cool, comfortable, and energy efficient. Whether you do it yourself or hire professional, certain tasks should never be skipped. Here’s a list of the top 15 AC maintenance tasks you should not miss:

1. Clean or replace the air filter every 1-3 months. Dirty filters can reduce airflow and cause excessive strain on your system, resulting in decreased comfort levels, higher utility bills, and poor indoor air quality.

2. Check for refrigerant leaks annually. Refrigerant leaks can greatly reduce the efficiency of your system and may lead to more costly repairs down the road if left unchecked.

3. Clean the evaporator and condenser coils twice a year. Dirty coils can cause the system to overheat, resulting in reduced efficiency and increased energy costs. If you are scheduling AC maintenance in Baltimore, MD, be sure to include this important task.

4. Clean or replace the blower motor once a year. A dirty blower motor can reduce airflow, resulting in inefficient cooling of your home as well as higher energy bills.


5. Check for duct leaks annually. Unsealed air ducts can allow heated or cooled air to escape, resulting in decreased comfort levels and higher utility bills.


6. Test for indoor air quality problems twice a year using a Multi-Gas Monitor (MGM) test kit. Poor indoor air quality can result in health problems and decreased comfort levels throughout your home.


7. Check the condensate line and drain annually. Clogged condensate lines can cause water damage to your home, leading to costly repairs.


8. Inspect and lubricate all moving parts once a year. Proper lubrication helps reduce wear and tear on your system, extending its life and reducing repair costs in the long run.


9. Tighten electrical connections once a year to ensure safety. Loose or corroded electrical connections can be dangerous and should be inspected by a professional technician at least annually for safety reasons.


10. Inspect the thermostat twice a year for accuracy, including battery strength if applicable. Inaccurate thermostats can lead to inconsistent temperatures throughout your home and higher energy bills.


11. Inspect the condensate pump twice a year for proper operation. A faulty condensate pump can cause water damage to your home, leading to costly repairs.


12. Check the outside unit for debris or obstructions once a year. Leaves, branches, and other debris can restrict airflow and reduce the efficiency of your system resulting in higher energy bills.


13. Have an HVAC technician inspect the refrigerant charge every 2 years for accuracy. An improperly charged system will be less efficient, resulting in higher utility bills as well as decreased comfort levels throughout your home.


14. Clean the air handler annually and check it for signs of rusting or corrosion. Dirty air handlers can cause poor indoor air quality and increased energy costs, while rust or corrosion could be a sign of bigger problems down the road.


15. Have an HVAC technician inspect all components for wear and tear once a year. Worn parts can reduce system efficiency and lead to expensive repairs in the future if left unchecked. You can plan for AC installation in Ellicott City, MD in the future if need be.

By following these top 15 AC maintenance tasks, you can ensure your system is running at its peak performance level while keeping your home cool, comfortable, and energy efficient. Furthermore, proper maintenance will help extend the life of your air conditioner and reduce repair costs in the long run. If you need assistance with any of these tasks, it’s important to contact a qualified professional.


What Is Covered In Professional AC Tune-Up Services?


Professional AC tune-up services typically cover a thorough inspection of your air conditioning system, including checking all components for wear and tear, inspecting refrigerant levels, testing thermostat accuracy, lubricating moving parts, cleaning the blower motor and evaporator coils as well as any other tasks that may be necessary to keep your system running at peak efficiency. By having this work done annually, you can ensure your home is cool and comfortable during the summer months while keeping energy costs down.  When scheduling an AC tune-up in Baltimore, MD make sure you choose a reliable HVAC contractor with experience in cooling systems.  They will have the right tools and expertise needed to complete the job correctly.  Contact Supreme Service Today at (410) 788-1114 to learn more or book an appointment!