Making the most of natural light is one way to add warmth, character, and great spaciousness to your home or place of business. Roof lights are a fashionable technique to accomplish this and are generally installed in locations where conventional windows cannot be installed. But as more people become aware of the many health advantages of natural illumination, installing the magnificent roof light is no longer only for grey bathrooms or dimly lit halls.

Roof lights are a beautiful and practical addition to living spaces and kitchens. Before selecting a roofing firm to install a roof light, it’s a good idea to compare rooflights in order to find the best product and company for your needs. Even if this architectural marvel is fantastic, there are a few things to consider before you make a hole in your roof.

Roof lights: Glass or plastic construction?

Both! Here are some variations:

  • Price – Plastic roof lights are often less expensive than glass.
  • Weight – Plastic is lighter than glass, so the weight difference may make installation more manageable if your roof light is ample.
  • Visibility and Durability – While glass may be cleaner, shinier, and give a clearer vision, it is also more prone to breaking. Plastic provides a robust alternative.
  • Customization – Unlike glass, which may be trimmed to size for specific fits, plastic roof lights typically come in conventional sizes after being manufactured.

Does the location of the roof lights matter?

Your roof light’s placement and the quantity of light will significantly influence how much energy you save and how much solar heat is allowed into your house. Please consult a professional to learn more about what to expect and if installing north- or south-facing roof lights would work best in the space you have in mind.

How Are roof lights Installed?

Roof light installation is best left to the experts since it involves specialized equipment. The ideal people for the job are roofing or specialist roof light contractors. Review and ensure a potential contractor has a solid track record of roof light installation jobs before choosing them to work on your house.

Are roof lights Energy-Efficient?

The glass (single, double, triple, or quadruple), lamination, tint, or coating you choose for your window will determine how energy-efficient your roof light is. Energy loss can be prevented via argon gas filling between panes, e-coatings, UV tints, and other techniques.

Energy-efficient roof lights not only prevent your furniture from fading or your house from losing heat, but they also improve your monthly savings, increase comfort, lower noise levels, reduce condensation risks, and are environmentally friendly.

Roof lights may open or may be fixed.

You may choose from a variety of options for your roof light. The critical distinctions between open and fixed roof lights are as follows:

  • A fixed roof light cannot open for ventilation. If you want the roof light to provide additional ventilation for your house, then a vented roof light is for you. You can manually open the roof light or use a remote. Ventilation rather than a fixed roof light might be a better option in bathrooms because it prevents condensation.
  • Leakage – Open roof lights have a greater chance of letting in moisture, but if they are correctly placed, they should be just as airtight as fixed roof lights that are sealed entirely.
  • Fixed roof lights are less expensive since they have no moving components.

What are the advantages of using roof lights?@

In the past five years, roof lights have become increasingly popular as house restoration, addition, and “common theme” projects have grown in popularity. It is uncommon nowadays for a glazed extension not to incorporate any glass feature in the roof that delivers more light. Additionally, additional light from the roof has many other benefits.

  • A roof light can minimize the number of planned light fixtures or artificial lighting while supplying vital natural light.
  • They are modern and provide a genuine wow element to a project when they are used.
  • Due to the good U Values of contemporary roof lights, they may reduce their heating expenses.
  • They come in several different kinds, including fixed and manual openings.


Roof lights won’t just make your house brighter; natural lighting helps you concentrate, relax, feel, and sleep better at night. The addition of natural illumination may enhance your health by installing roof lights in your dim bathrooms or corridors or even as a stargazing portal in a luxurious bedroom.

Consult a roof light expert if you have placement, energy loss, or leakage concerns. Any home may benefit significantly from a roof light. Therefore you want the work done well! Choose an installer you can trust rather than trying to save money.