Building furniture at home is usually a fussy and time consuming skill that rarely anyone has these days. Two women have just released an awesome tool on Kickstarter that takes anything with a flat surface and converts it into a fancy table!

If you’re looking for a super lazy DIY Gadget than this invention is for you! Named SNAP, you can currently contribute to their awesome creation on Kickstarter.

The first SNAPs are scheduled to ship in October, so if you’re as pumped for an effortless fall DIY project as I am, then it’s worth looking into.

The SNAP is a steel leg that easily attaches to surfaces to create shelves and tables.

They come in a variety of heights and colors, and they come off just as easily as they clip on.

Here, the SNAP is attached to an old surface to create a lovely outdoor table. This is a great way to upcycle old materials!

The legs can hold up to 154 pounds. Yes, those little clips can almost hold the weight of a person!

You can also use the SNAP in the living room…

…or anywhere you want, on pretty much anything.

Have any wooden crates or pallets lying around? With a little help from the SNAP, you can have a unique coffee table or shelf in seconds.

Watch this video to see the SNAP in action.


(source SNAP, Citylab)