There has been something of a revolution in lighting over the past decade or so, with more and more people switching to LED in their homes in place of conventional light bulbs. There are a lot of reasons why LED lighting is superior. It is much more energy efficient, the bulbs last longer by a large order of magnitude, and there are more options in terms of the looks that can be achieved, including endless possibilities involving colored bulbs, bulbs with effects, and even bulbs that change color.

With so many homes switching to LED, it is also useful to know that LED lights made for outdoor use can offer a wealth of benefits, and can be found in a huge variety of styles at good prices from companies like VOLT Lighting.

Outdoor LED has its own benefits, as well as many it shares with indoor LED. Here are just three reasons why you should be lighting up your home’s outdoor spaces with cost-effective LED!


  • Security


One of the main reasons people choose outdoor lighting is simply to enjoy their gardens, decks and other outdoor spaces more when it is dark. However, there can also be security benefits to having outdoor flood lighting or other outdoor LEDs. You can use motion-activated security lights to deter people approaching your house, and you can also pair LED lighting with security cameras to ensure there is enough light to make a recording if someone approaches your property, even without a night vision camera.


  • Lower Maintenance


One of the key advantages of buying LED lighting units, whether they are for security or just for making your outdoor areas look beautiful at night, is their lifespan. LED lights can last for tens of years of normal use, and this means you won’t have to worry about replacing bulbs in high up, hard to reach outdoor areas anywhere near as often as with other types of lighting.


  • Get The Look And Brightness You Want


A third reason why LED is the best way to light up the outside of your home and other areas of your property, such as your yards, driveway and pool area, is that you have so much flexibility in terms of the looks you can create. Standard LED lights are available in different levels of brightness, and also ‘warmth’ of color, so with a white LED, you can choose a cool, blue-toned white light, a warm, yellow-toned light, or a neutral white, to create different effects. Using units with multiple bulbs can create powerful floodlights, which are energy efficient to run, despite being bright enough to allow you to host parties or play games in the yard after dark. Color changing lights, fairy lights, and other more unusual options can also be created with outdoor LEDs, allowing you to make your home’s exterior look exactly how you want it to.

As you can see, LED is definitely the way forward when it comes to outdoor domestic lighting!