Children grow fast and, sometimes, it seems like if you blink too often you may lose one of their most important developing moments. It’s hard to see them go through all their life stages, starting as a small bundle of joy, not weighing more than 6-7 pounds, making their first steps on their own to finally saying sentences and asking about a million questions per day.

However, by the time they turn 12-13 years old, their personalities start developing even faster, and you may sometimes feel like you’re arguing with 50 different people on the same day. Although you keep on telling yourself it is just a phase and that the teenage years have their charm, you cannot stop but wonder what happened to that sweet little girl or boy who used to be addicted to you.

Although nothing you will do at this age will be fully appreciated by your teenagers and even though you will mainly hear slamming doors, screams, and a lot of drama, you will still try to do what’s best for them and please them any way you can.

And, this starts with making their old room more appropriate for their recent interests and passions in their lives. If you don’t have enough money to hire a contractor but still want to turn a former children’s bedroom into one more suitable for a young adult, here are some tips to follow.

Consult with your teenager

Most teenagers feel like adults and they want to be consulted in any matter that concerns them. So, treating them like the young adults they want to look like might weasel your way into their hearts. At least for a while. Well, probably until supper when you’re going to be told how insensitive and old and mean you are because you don’t let them text for hours and leave the table without washing their plate.

Talk with your daughter or son and ask them about their current interests. Or, better yet, leave them a clean canvas and a limited budget to pick up their own furniture and room decorations. However, make sure they can still afford to buy an actual bed, perhaps even a small corner table where they can put their laptop and write their homework.

Decorate with bold patterns and colors

Most teenagers are loud and love expressing themselves and experimenting with new makeup, hairstyles, and clothes as often as possible. Therefore, they will most likely prefer something equally loud to express their personalities indoors.

Opt for bold color schemes and accessories to decorate their rooms and don’t stick to the usual, boring pink for girls and blue for boys. Some girls may like pink but they could easily prefer purple, red, yellow, green, black, grey or polka dots. No two teenagers are the same so make sure you know a little about your kid before redecorating his or her room.

Make room for new passions

Remember when we told you teenagers love experimenting? Don’t be surprised when they will ask you to spend money on their new passions or lately developed skills. From playing the guitar (as loud as possible) to playing the drums, painting, skating or even video games, no hobbies are cheap when it comes to teenagers.

All you can do is support your kids and help them express their personalities, even though they change interests more often than their shirts. The Scooterist has some pretty cool scooter options for those who want to pick up an alternative means of transportation while sites like Amazon and Alibaba will better cater to your kid’s musical requirements.