When you think of a profession in the field of arts, your mind might not give you options, but there are more options than you can ever imagine. Art is a versatile field allowing people to explore and unleash their inner artists, increase skills, and improve industry-related knowledge. Many consider art as a limited field, and fortunately, they are not right! There are plenty of artistic jobs that you can choose from in the future. If you are here to find out about some options in the respective field, then you have come to the right place. Below we’ve mentioned a few career options for you. To learn about them, stick to this article!

Art Director

Being an art student, have you ever dreamt of being the upper-level executive and overseeing designs, artwork, direct layouts, graphs, graphics, visual styles, illustrations, or images for production? I am sure you have! Being the big boss, you’ll be able to manage the planning, conceptual layout, designing, advertisements, and visual elements of magazines, films, TV production, etc. Moreover, you’ll also review and approve the work submitted by your staff plus you’ll work closely with your clients to meet and exceed their artistic and stylistic requirements. Art directors usually earn between $42,840 and $163,430 annually


Who doesn’t love taking photographs? If you find yourself taking photographs all the time and you are passionate about it, then it is a great sign that photography will be your profession. However, being a photographer doesn’t only mean just to click snaps, you’ll have to know the equipment and should know how to transform a picture into a story. Many think photography is a fun business, it is, but there are a lot of technicalities involved just like any other profession to become a photographer. Earning of a professional photographer is about $47,400.


Art Professor

It sounds like a logical calling but another great profession to choose as an art student! The job of an art professor is to provide specialized instructions and expertise to the university or college-based art students. As a professor, you’ll be in charge of planning, developing, and teaching courses. Additionally, you’ll have to plan lessons and assignments for students. Art professor improves students knowledge by assessing and evaluating their artwork and assignments. Apart from just teaching students, their duty is to encourage students to meet and achieve their goals. The average salary of an art professor is $45,370 to $88,290 annually.

Make-Up Artist

Make-up is also a form of art and being able to do that and being passionate about it means this is your way to go. If you have ever enjoyed sculpting faces and transforming people into a better version of themselves, then this is definitely the career for you. You might have heard about famous make-up artists such as Make-up by Mario, Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury, Scott Barnes, Bobbi Brown, Jeffree Star, Kevyn Aucoin, etc. These make-up artists have earned the name worldwide and are earning big as well. To make your name and to succeed in the field, you’ll have to take courses and training. The median salary of a make-up artist is $33,000.

Art Gallery Dealer

As the name suggests, art gallery dealers are professionals who have significant knowledge in arts and sell and buy an artwork. Their job is to keep track of all the latest trends, travelling, and making sales. Moreover, if you choose to be an art gallery dealer, then you’ll get a chance to work closely with clients, artists, collectors, critics, curators, auction houses, museums, and self-operated businesses cultivating talent. Probably the most exciting part of being the art gallery dealers is they get to travel to locations sometimes outside the country to attend exhibitions, auctions, and studios to sell and purchase artwork. The annual salary of an art gallery dealer is between $45,200 and $70,000.