In the design world a man has to look sharp and a man has to have a really cool haircut. Here in this feature article we present the top men’s hairstyles and some really cool haircuts for men. A definition of good hairstyle could be of anything that suits your face shape really well and a hairstyle that can change your personality, look and identity from being simply dull and boring to being a hair trendsetter in your social circle.

Top Mens Hairstyles - Cool Haircuts for Men

Cool Hairstyles for Men. Here in this feature article we present the top mens hairstyles and some really cool haircuts for men

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer long hairstyles for men or short hairstyles. A cool haircut design will look at the entire image that you are hoping to attain. Physique, face shape, posture and skin color all play a part in choosing from the many popular hairstyles for men. A man can easily perfect his hairstyle by adding in jewellery, accessories, minimalist tattoos and unique and bespoke styles of clothing.

Celebrity Hair Styles for Men

Sporting a cool hairstyle can soon see a man become a real fashion icon. Just look at what happened with sports star David Beckham. He has become popular for his haircut styles for men over the years as much as for his sporting prowess. Even though he has retired from sport he i still a fashion icon that young men in particular aspire to emulate. When celebrities change their hair the world takes notice. Such was the case recently with One Direction star Harry Styles who cut his trademark long hair style and is now sporting much shorter hair.

In 1992 famous rockstar Jon Bon Jovi also cut off his big trademark ‘hair rock’ style of hair. The music scene at the time was changing and off came the hair. As arguably the worlds biggest rockstar everyone noticed and went into meltdown. Celebrity hair styles are extremely influential. Men want to adopt the look of their icons and barbers and hairdressers in salons around the world have to updated their design portfolio to keep up with the demand for new hairstyles.

Cool hairstyles for men need to reflect who you are and the lifestyle you lead. The big picture is important also, for example if you prefer long hairstyles for men then the overall look needs to look good at work, not just when rocking out. Short haircuts for men should be low maintenance haircuts and easy to manage during the day no matter what you are doing.

Top Mens Hairstyles, Cool Haircuts for Men

So all you need to do is to find the top mens hairstyles that suit your face shape and physique. There’re plenty of cool hairstyles, top mens hairstyles and hair designs out there to get inspired by. Both last year in 2015 and presently in 2016 we have seen some stunning new hairstyles emerge. Hair cuts ranging from retro to contemporary designs.

It is really great that new hairstyles emerge every year and that some really cool haircuts for men become very popular and fashionable indeed. What better way to keep the male hair salons busy. Take a look at this gallery showcasing some inspirational mens hairstyles and cool haircut ideas for men.

The Slicked Back Hair Style

You can always rely on fashion icon Brad Pitt to put out a really cool haircut. This slicked back style suits his low maintenance hair type which looks great when worn in a short hair style or when worn longer and slicked right back as in this example of a slicked back mens hair style by Brad Pitt.

Slicked Back Hairstyle for Men

Slicked Back Hairstyle for Men. You can always rely on fashion icon Brad Pitt to put out a really cool haircut idea.

Swept Back Hair Styles for Men

This hair style is a medium length mens haircut idea. Adopting longer hair on the top, medium length on the sides of the head and then back set with just very light stubble for maximum effect. Among guys hairstyles this is pretty neat hair cut idea. Although if you are looking to learn how to cut men’s hair it is probably not the easiest male hair style to start learning with at the barbershop. This has got to be one of the top mens hairstyles for 2016.

Cool haircuts for men

This dude is sporting longish swept back hair while shorter at the sides. He has a tiny mullet at the back but not so long as to look silly. This guy has a cool haircut design.

Long Hair on Top Short Hair on the Sides

This male hair cut design is a pretty striking style of swept mens hair. Side swept on the top of the head, medium length hair style and much shorter on the sides. This fashionable mens hairstyle looks really good and sharp when matched with a short goatee and well defined features like on this guys haircut.

Trendy hair cut ideas

Short Hair Styles for Men

This hair cut is quite a trendy short mane. A very short mens hair cut on the sides of the head. The hair has been clippered very short on the sides of the head for sure. Then the hair has been left to grow much longer on top delivering a striking young mans haircut idea and a really cool short hair style. Perfect for the summer months lounging at home or for looking good in the office. This would also make for a great vacation look.

Short Hairstyles for Men

This shorter hairstyle looks great whether lounging about at home or suited and booted for work and office. Looks great on a younger mans hair.

Long Hairstyles for Men

A man can do so much with longer hair. If blessed with the right hair texture and type then a long mane should fall gracefully and naturally. Long hairstyles for men allow a man to be creative and independent with his look. Perhaps the only thing to bear in mind is whether mens long hairstyles will look good and acceptable in the office. It really depends what you do for a living and what you can get away with. If you ride motorbikes and play rock and roll all day and night like this guy then who cares right.

Long Hairstyles for Men

Long hairstyles for men are great if you play guitar and hard rock all day long like this dude, pictured is 80’s rockstar Kip Winger.

Black Men Haircuts

Many black men simply have a different type of hair. The texture is different and depending what style of black men hairstyles are most desirable this can be a good or a bad thing. Hence hairstyles for black men tend to favor shorter hairstyles. These kind of black men haircuts can still be very stylish and creative designs. In fact the darker skin color combined with black hair styles can produce very attractive, desirable and manageable results.

black men haircuts

This black mans hairstyle look awesome. Th skin tone and hair cut along with the shape of the face all work very well together. This is a great hair cut for a black man.

Boys Hairstyles

Who says that the grownups have to have all the fun when it comes to sporting really cool haircuts and top mens hairstyles? Youngsters and teenagers also can look cool all year around as these haircuts for boys demonstrate. This particular example of boys hairstyles comes courtesy of Romeo Beckham. Here he shows that youngsters and young teenagers also can show off really cool haircuts for boys.

romeo beckham hair

Final Thought

All these professional hairstyles for men show what can be accomplished by using good barbers, premium hair products and reputable salons to design and sculpt your look. Whatever the fashion trend ( and these change over the years )Â professional hairstyles for men are an awesome way to showcase a man’s identity, define his personality and fashion style. All of these top mens hairstyles and cool haircuts for men show that style, trend and cool can come at any age if you are a guy blessed with great hair that is easy to cut and style.