In the past, it was difficult for a student or a professional to find ways on how to avoid plagiarism, though the advent of plagiarism checkers made this nothing but a distant memory. This is why online plagiarism checkers are becoming invaluable tools for content writers and students in the world of education. Since nowadays there is too much content out there on the internet, for your content to stand out, it is not enough for it to be of top quality but also be plagiarism-free.

Features of an ideal plagiarism checker app

· Easy to use UI

Complexity isn’t great in any area of writing and it also isn’t when checking for content originality. A plagiarism software needs to have a UI that’s simple to use. One shouldn’t be an expert or need prior knowledge of similar software to use it.

· Analysis

A plagiarism checker should provide an analysis of its findings.

· High word count

This feature is particularly helpful when dealing with contents such as essays. Most free essays allow between 500 – 1000 words, but a word count of over 1500 words make an originality checker great for essays.

Top plagiarism checker software in 2020

These online tools help compare your content with every article on the web, scanning for similar content and identifying them. Though there are numerous plagiarism checkers on the internet, here are the best free plagiarism checker software you should try out in 2020.

1. Duplichecker


This is a top plagiarism checker software that provides a detailed analysis of uploaded contents. You can scan a large variety of documents formats ranging from pdf to odt, doc to docx, and multiple other formats. The analysis is helpful though a word count of 1000 words means it isn’t ideal for essays.

Key features

· Relatively simple UI.

· Offers other free tools.

· Option to download reports.

· Supports both upload and paste options.

2. Phdessay


Phdessay offers one of the best free plagiarism checker software out there. The website offers you the chance to check your essay for plagiarism with ease using a user-friendly UI. The software provides you with free unlimited checks.

key features

· Simple to use.

· The checker app provides you with the option to paste or upload your files.

· A wide range of compatible formats.

· It provides a detailed analysis along with a similarity index.

· It offers possible solutions to improve originality.

· Great for essay checking due to high word count.

3. Studyhippo


It’s difficult to keep track of your references, especially when writing voluminous content as with essays. Check duplicate content using this online tool and avoid falling prey to plagiarism. It’s also a favorite among students due to its essay compatibility.

Key features

· Supports file upload and pasting.

· Great for uploading essays.

· Compatible formats include pdf, DOCX, and txt.

· Provides recommendations to help out.

· Data analysis of contents.

4. Plagium


The Plagium app provides you the option to check for plagiarism at no cost. Though you will pay a fed for content having over 5000 characters. The free version supports up to 1000 words. Another drawback is the need to register before using certain features of the app.

Key features

· Simple UI.

· Supports only paste options but you get the option to upload files if signed in.

· 2 search options, which are a quick search function and a deep search function.

5. Quetext


This uniqueness software helps avoid plagiarism with a simple interface. Though it also has a paid version, the free version does offer decent features. After registering an account, you get five free checks every month for up to 500 words.

Key features

· UI is easy to use.

· Detailed analytical report

Why plagiarism checker software is essential for Students

When it comes to essay writing, it is necessary for students to take inspiration from other people’s write-up. Researching extensively helps to improve the credibility of your essay, as it exposes you to information that helps with your understanding of your topic. One drawback to this is the risk of plagiarism or poor referencing. A plagiarism app helps students to keep their essay original by identifying duplicate content that needs to be corrected.