In 2020, digital marketing trends are likely to go through several changes. While chatbots, voice search, and video marketing are predicted to grow bigger and better, some more innovative trends shall rule.

Facebook and Google shall continue to dominate the market, and their combined digital ad market share shall rise. In 2020, their total share would reach 63.3%, which is higher than last year’s 62.7%, as per eMarketer’s UK digital advertising forecast.

In fact, eMarketer research clearly reveals that the worldwide digital ad spend is all set to reach over $375 billion by 2020.

Anybody who wants to plunge into this vast ocean should opt for a digital marketing certification.

Trend#1: Increase Awareness with Lifecycle Marketing

To grow your business, focus on growing awareness.

Digital marketing is capable of creating a unified customer experience. However, it is still not considered a revenue booster. It is classically an artifact as digital marketing is highly effective. It can achieve all goals, which include customer retention.

Find an explainer video company that will create high-quality onboarding explainer videos, UI&UX designers, who will eliminate bad design and web developers who will add feedback loops so your customers will stick around for longer and spend more money with you over the course of their lifecycle.

Lifecycle marketing is an innovative way to plan and integrate online marketing into your activities to communicate with customers better.

Trend#2: Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is a strategy to bring your customers to conversational interfaces, communication and messaging.

The latest Gartner hype cycle highlighted this trend to be the key innovation alongside Artificial Intelligence. Gartner explains, “Conversational marketing technologies enable interactions between companies and customers that mimic human dialogue and do so at scale. This category is near the Peak of Inflated Expectations phase.” (source:

Trend#3: Insights and Analytics-driven Marketing

Insights and analytics can help you achieve all your goals with digital marketing. It can drive your business performance and optimize results.

According to a report by Mckinsey research, “Intensive users of customer analytics are 23 times more likely to clearly outperform their competitors in terms of new customer acquisition than non-intensive users, and nine times more likely to surpass them in customer loyalty.” (source:

Besides CDP enabled customer analytics, new techniques like Voice of Customer (VoC) can also improve customers’ future product preferences and how they want it delivered.

Trend#4: Customer Privacy

Security breaches are on the rise. It is the major downside of advanced technology. Nonetheless, frequent privacy faux-pass by Google and Facebook releasing customer details have been a threat to customers. It indicates that their data is not safe with the online brands, as they would like to believe. With the implementation of GDPR privacy regulations, however, data privacy has improved with fines.

In addition, traditional methods of identification have reduced effectiveness. For instance, cookie tracking, which is crucial for media ROI determination – is now more difficult.

Emerging trends and technologies can benefit these challenges.

Know your Customer (KYC) is the latest solution that can improve security and insight while reducing fraud across multiple devices.

Trend#5: Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an innovative program that can channelize the major loose links in a channel. Problems like lack of integrated strategy, optimization, and testing, can be countered with prompt transformation.

Digital transformation aims to develop a structured roadmap to improve overall digital skills and capabilities while integrating digital marketing activities with the product and brand marketing in business.

This is just the beginning of 2020. Let’s hope we have more innovation and better digital marketing strategies now and throughout the year.