Twitter seems to be the perfect choice for anyone wanting to write short messages to there followers. In this collection we’ll be going through some Twitter Design Tutorials for Web Designers & Graphic Designers.

If you’re a graphic designers on twitter, you’ll want to create your own twitter graphics likes badges, backgrounds, UI designs and more. Designing various Twitter components can be very handy if you want to advertise and market your twitter page.


Create a Professional 3D Twitter Icon in Illustrator


Create a Cute Twitter Bird Character in Illustrator


Design & Code: Recent Tweets Widget


1.How to Create a Cute and Adorable Twitter Icon in Photoshop

2.Create a Cheerful Twitter Bird in Photoshop

3. Twitter Background Design How-To and Best Practices

4.Design & Code: Recent Tweets Widget

5.  Create an Elegant/Grunge Twitter Button

6.Twitter Background Design: Inspiration and Tutorial

7.  How to create a simple new Twitter Background in Photoshop

8.Twitter Box User Interface Design in Photoshop

9.  Create a Cute Twitter Bird Icon in Photoshop

10.Twitter Background Design – Great Tips and Gorgeous Examples

11.How to Create a One-of-a-Kind Twitter Background in Photoshop

12.  Photoshop Tutorial: Design a Custom Twitter Page

13.How to Create a Quirky Twitter Bird in Corel Draw

14.Create a Twitter Style Bird Mascot

15. Create A Vector Art Twitter Bird Character Icon In Adobe Illustrator

16. How To Make a Unique Website For Your TwitterUpdates

17. Creating a ‘Twitteresque’ Bird Vector in Photoshop

18.  Twitter Background using Adobe Illustrator

19. Tutorial: Create A Custom Twitter Icon in Adobe Illustrator CS4

20.  Starfield Tileable Twitter Background Tutorial

21.How to create a nice Twitter icon using Illustrator and Photoshop