In churches and many other places, people use candles as part of their religious practices. So, brands choose varieties and various choices of candles available in the market. When it comes to business, the crucial decision is selecting the right packaging design for your product. It will help you to get maximum sales in a short period. Here is a list of some best printing packaging ideas for incense and candles. 

The candle packaging Canada business 

If you are interested in starting a candle business, there are resources that can help you to get information about candle packaging. If you don’t have a good idea about your product, then you will lose more and more money when it comes to marketing your candles. So, it is crucial to find right custom box printer and then decide on the right package design for your product. Many other options can help you to increase awareness. 

How can you choose the best printing packaging? 

Printing is a tricky thing because you have to select the right kind of boxed packaged goods, and also you have to focus more on the design of your product. There are many things that you should take into account while choosing to print. Nowadays, there is a wide range of filler materials available in the market, which helps in getting a different look due to their texture, and also they work great in reducing the price of the candles. 


Color helps you in making your product visually attractive to consumers. It is crucial because the first impression that takes from your product is its color. So, it is necessary to pick a suitable color for your product. Moreover, you can get your brand more recognized by adding some designs to your candle packaging Canada. Whereas for candles and incense, yellows and browns work great as these colors give a religious feel to them. 


There are two types of materials that you can select for box printing designs. Many types of printing can create a good effect on the brand. So, you can apply offset printing because it’s a good technique.  


Nowadays, many printing techniques are available in the market, but the most commonly used is, the offset printing. It is one of the best practices which a company should use while designing product packaging. With this method, you will give an attractive look to your products and will also help in increasing your sales. 

Which type of material is best for printing? 

Many companies use cardboard printing for their packaging designs. But it is not preferable because the cards are semi-transparent, which might affect. For packaging ideas for incense and candles. So, you can use opaque lamination sheets, and you will get a good visual effect on your product. So, if you want to make your product visible in the market, you can apply this material to enhance the worth of a product.  



Embossing is the best method to add detail, and embossing is the most common process to create a raised image on an object. This tutorial will demonstrate how to emboss candle boxes with silver or copper foil. So, if you want to make your candle box look very fancy, this is the best option! 

Debossing on candle boxes 

It’s a process in that your candle boxes will come out of the mold in perfect shape and without any scratches. We need to deboss the candle boxes from the mold. It is a process to confirm that your candle boxes will come out of the mold in perfect shape and with no scratches. We need to deboss our candles from the mold. 

How can you attract customers by embossing and debossing? 

You can use embossing and debossing to make your candles look very fancy so that the customers will notice them and they can buy them. Customers like details or visual effects of their product, such as a candle with an embossed logo. Unique colors and printing technique makes your product more attractive, so you can gain the customer’s attention.   

How to make a candle box look fancy 

First, you need some silver foil or copper foil. Second you need to stick those foils on your candle boxes or tins using a glue gun and make sure that it looks even. Then you can use a heat press to melt the foils onto your candle boxes for about 10 seconds at 400 degrees. So, choose the best printing company that fulfills your needs and differentiates your product in the market.   

Enhance the brand value with printing 

Printing creates the best way to showcase your company or brand identity. You can use different colors of foil or any other graphics you may want to print to create a good and attractive package that can be worth your customers’ money. You can pay for printing but you know, it’s crucial to enhance the visibility of a brand.  

How to use printing on the candle boxes 

You will need a heat press machine to print on the candle boxes. So, put a piece of paper onto your candle box and set it into the heat press. Before printing, makes sure that you put the pressure and temperature. Gently move the paper back and forth, and don’t burn it because if it is too hot, it might cause an unwanted color effect. Follow this technique and make your brand more famous among the crowd.  

In the final words 

Brands try to use the best ideas to gain more attraction and make their brand unique. They have no idea how they can approach your customers in no time. But the thing is printing makes your product more unique. So, if you want to take your product up in the market so apply the best printing method. Embossing and debossing is the best printing method to make the brand more common among people. So, you can get exceptional value. So, read this blog and run your business fluently.