Starting an ecommerce store is a huge endeavor, which takes an investment of time, effort and money. If you are going to put so much effort into building such a site, chances are you want it to be successful, right?

In order for your site to be successful and stand out in a realm that is flooded with people trying to sell all sorts of items and services, you must have a strong Internet marketing plan for your ecommerce site. 

Ecommerce in 2016

While ecommerce has become easier to implement a lot of elements need to come together at the same time in order to be a success. These elements include the sales platform, for instance Shopify and good products and marketing systems.

This entire process will take some time and effort; however, it will all be well worth it when you see a large amount of traffic and conversions for your ecommerce site. Any kind of online traffic marketing requires testing, to discover what works and then how to scale it.

Sometimes there are multiple ways to achieve the same outcome but at different cost and workload. There is a natural learning curve and much self teaching and study to master ecommerce properly. Learning to navigate and earn from traffic platforms such as Facebook Ads is not the easiest thing and the ecommerce landscape is constantly evolving.

Audience Engagement

Engagement is now a key component and video advertising is becoming an integral part of good campaign design. Finding the right video production company in San Diego and marketing company is a vital part of making your site a success.

The following information will provide you a step by step guide to the most effective ways to market your ecommerce store and find success.

Part I: Habits of Effective Ecommerce Stores

There are ecommerce stores that have a huge amount of success and this is not by chance or luck. There are certain things that should be practiced, if you wish for your store to be successful as well, which include:

  • Think like a consumer: This means that you put your products in more than one category. When you make your services or products easy to find then you will be able to create greater satisfaction for your shoppers and find cross selling opportunities by selling items together that make logical sense.
  • Keep it simple: There are too many ecommerce sites that make navigation too complicated or try to create too many pages. If the process of shopping and checking out is too difficult, chances are you will not receive many conversions.
  • Use the Power of Images and Video: The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” has definite meaning here. Studies have shown that consumers no longer read, but scan content. This means that you need to have text that is short and sweet and detailed pictures and videos that will “sell” your product or service.

These are general rules that any successful ecommerce site should follow in order to be successful. While you may have some success without these tips, you will notice a huge increase in both traffic and conversions when you implement these ideas.

Video Content and Advertising

As mentioned before, videos are powerful tools that can help increase both traffic and conversions for your ecommerce site. There are four main reasons for this fact, which include:

  1. Video provides you with a good source of content that will rank well in search engine results.
  2. A video provides shoppers with more product information.
  3. Videos can help to build customer relationships.
  4. Videos are extremely easy to share via social media.

Video is a definite content source that should be used for your ecommerce store. You can use it to highlight your premium or new products. You can create customer reviews or simply generate a powerful advertisement for your product to run on Facebook or television. Video content has been proven again and again to achieve stellar results for your online traffic needs.