With VideoPal digital marketers and designers can create fully interactive 3D, 2D and human talking live action video avatars in just seconds. All by using proprietary new browser animation technology. With VideoPal engagement and audience loyalty can hit dizzying new heights on both desktop and mobile. In our in depth VideoPal review we robustly explore whether this innovating video avatar software is worth the investment in both your time and money.

Is VideoPal really that well designed; well coded and worthy of a purchase along with all the various bonuses. Or is this digital avatar software that promises so much yet another instance of shiny object syndrome. The kind of software that is fast promoted by the usual set of list building Gurus. Yet turns out not to be quite as wonderful as they would have you believe? Let us take a close look and find out.

VideoPal Review : Discover the Power of Video Avatars

There is a lot of marketing buzz behind this software. So read the full VideoPal review to learn more about why this software is taking the digital marketing world by storm. You can also see a full video demo later in the VideoPal review.

Of course if you the kind of person who likes to get on with it and are already feeling impatient you can get started with the software right away. Everyone else please keep reading.

VideoPal Review : VideoPal Demo

VideoPal Review : Why This Unique Video Avatar Service is Creating Waves

Wondering About a VideoPal Scam and the Upsells?

Do not be concerned, one thing VideoPal is not, is a scam at all. However in the interest of being fully transparent VideoPal does push some no obligation upsells. It does this after a user makes an initial purchase. If you are already on several digital marketing email lists you will know the drill by now.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept. An upsell is simply an extra relevant service that you may or may not need. Typically an upsell displays after the initial transaction has concluded. VideoPal upsells are really no different in this regard.

In fact when an amazing offer lands in the inbox even experienced affiliates and industry professionals can be dazzled by the shiny bright lights. In truth the VideoPal upsells are actually rather good. They are inexpensive and some if not all will be well worth your time exploring and taking further.

My advice is to take some time to read the VideoPal upsell offers properly. Do not be unduly influenced by scarcity counters, timers and flashy act now videos. Get started with VideoPal right away by clicking here.

VideoPal Review : Lifelike Digital Avatars That Dramatically Increase Conversions and Leads

The simple premise behind VideoPal is in driving high conversions and stunning levels of engagement. It does this through the use of very clever 2D and 3D video avatars. This a big step forward in digital marketing for several critical reasons. Specifically VideoPal addresses the fast worsening problems that affect anyone trying to convert traffic in 2017. These issues include.

  • Traditional email optin boxes are getting tired and stale
  • People know when they are being given the hard sell the old ways
  • Popups, sliders and overlays are stale and not as effective

The truth is that no matter how sophisticated the capture trigger. A lot of the methods that used to attract a click, sale or engagement are just getting long in the tooth. Just like Adsense, when audiences see the same techniques and ads everyday they just go blind to it.

Consequently even the most elegant and powerful of lead generators lose traction. VideoPal reverses this damaging trend by offering audiences and customers something that they haven’t seen before. This is accomplished primarily through the use of 2D and 3D digital video avatars.

Totally Dominate Your Niche With VideoPal

VideoPal does not use just any lame avatar design to dominate. Instead it uses cutting edge technology to pack a punch. A hard punch that is completely astonishing affiliate marketers and blog owners. Some of the digital avatar features built into VideoPal include being able to.

  • Interact with your prospective audiences using a custom video avatar that you can set up in less than a minute!
  • Choose from a wide selection of male or female avatars (live, 2D and 3D-animated) as well as 47 different voices, accents and over 24 languages (additional options are available)!
  • You can even use your own video and/or voice-overs to create your bespoke digital avatars for use on a WordPress blog or web site!

A Digital Design Studio at a Fraction of the Cost

VideoPal comes into it’s own when you consider the cost of the old way of integrating digital video avatars into a web site, blog or application.

Until now, creating digital video avatars like the ones that many major marketing sites use was difficult, time consuming and very expensive.

Previously you had to hire professional actors and/or digital animators, voice-over actors, text copywriters, code developers and video editors to bring it all together. Or pay for expensive apps to try and make it all work.

VideoPal : Your Own Personal Animation Studio

The old way was time consuming and way too expensive. For one man bands, affiliates and even small businesses it just did not make any financial sense to develop digital avatars this way. That is until now. VideoPal is such a game changer that it places the power and might of a fully fledged design studio at your fingertips.

Since VideoPal handles all the video creation and renders your digital avatars on the fly. You don’t need pricey video creation software or an expensive video editor. You really can do it all yourself at a fraction of the previous cost and overhead.

Digital Marketers Love VideoPal and This is Why

Take a quick look at the mini infographic below that serves as part of this VideoPal review to see at a glance why VideoPal has got marketers so excited to try out digital avatars.

Why Top Marketers Swear by VideoPal : VideoPal Review, VideoPal Scam

VideoPal Infographic : Why Top Marketers Swear by VideoPal.

Core Features of VideoPal Digital Avatars

In this VideoPal review I want to explain how this futuristic avatar app is a certified game changer for all kinds of businesses. The digital avatars can speak to your potential leads in a variety of languages. The avatars can be male or female and you can use 2D or 3D animations. You can even use live actors. Not only that VideoPal looks totally awesome on mobile.

How Can VideoPal Help You In Your Business?

With VideoPal you can dominate for some time to come, it is that simple. However VideoPal is not just for affiliates and digital marketers although it serves these users very well. Take a look at some of the ways that VideoPal can help users dominate in their business sector or focussed niche.

For Digital Marketers and Designers

VideoPal Review : Digital MarketerAdd VideoPal to your WordPress blogs, websites and affiliate funnels and landers. You’ll instantly boost conversions, sales, enquiries and lead signups to your list.

Use VideoPal to offer visitors a cool free ebook or digital product giveaway and entice them to join your email list. You’ll get far higher opt-in rates with no additional advertising expense!

For Social Media Gurus and MarketersVideoPal Review : Social Marketer

If driving traffic and leads from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are your thing then you will just love the way that you can use VideoPal to leverage awesome content on other sites that has good viral or social traction.

Your digital avatars can interface with high end web properties such as BuzzFeed, Upworthy or Mashable for instance along with numerous other big content sites. All of this valuable social engagement can be accomplished using the unique VideoPal proprietary live-link technology!

For Offline Specialists and Consultants

You can offer VideoPal to your business clients for a fixed fee which can be billed weekly or monthly. Simply use VideoPal to create and install a powerful digital avatar on your client’s website in less than an hour. Then get paid every month with no additional overhead or expense!

For Ecommerce Stores and VideoPal

Use your VideoPal avatar to offer incentives to your visitors to get them to buy! With a digital avatar it is so easy to offer customers help to complete a sale if they have any questions or need more information.

For Brick and Mortar Businesses

Use your VideoPal digital avatar to offer customers discount coupons, bonus items, “buy 1 get 1 free” offers. Or whatever else you want to get more leads and customers. For example an gym or restaurant owner could offer money off vouchers or loyalty promo codes. The possibilities for offline businesses are endless.

For Affiliate Marketers and Entrepreneurs

Affiliates can use VideoPal to leverage other site’s content via advertising or social media promotion. The digital avatars increase the rate at which visitors click through to affiliate links or subscribe to your list! The result is increase commissions and leads for the same cost as before.

Regardless of your niche, you can use news, WordPress blogs and other useful content sites to promote affiliate offers with endless revenue generating possibilities!

VideoPal can also be used on landing pages, bonus pages, product review posts, and more. Skyrocket affiliate commissions with no additional effort involved!

VideoPal Demo : See For Yourself

In order to offer some visual stimulation take a look at this VideoPal demo video. See how digital avatars are simply going to dominate your conversions and drive traffic and engagement to new heights.

[yottie id=”15″]

VideoPal is 100% Mobile Compatible

This is the only digital avatar technology on the market right now that is fully compatible with all Smart Phones and mobile services. As Smart Phones eat up more and more of your potential audience space. This mobile compatibility is one crucial stand out aspect to the reach, power and performance of VideoPal.

How to Get VideoPal and Build Your First Digital Avatar

As I mentioned at the beginning of this VideoPal review the software is about positioning your engagement and dominating your niche. Making life and earning stable income much easier, not the other way around. So getting hold of VideoPal is just as simple a process.

Remember also that I said earlier in this VideoPal review that the product had a few upsells? Well it turns out that they are actually quite good to say the least. So that you can see them in advance, here they all are.

More About The VideoPal Upsells and Bonuses

When you purchase VideoPal for the first time the process is extremely easy. Getting hold of your first digital avatar will set you back just a few dollars. So for the low down here are the various VideoPal upsells that you can use to extend your product even further.

Stage One : The VideoPal Main Product, [ Get This Right Here ]

OT1 : VideoPal Training Via Profit Campus [ See Full Detail ]

OT2 : VideoPal Deluxe Upgrade [ See Full Detail ]

OT3 : VideoPal Social Traffic Suite [ See Full Detail ]

OT4 : Gain The Agency License for VideoPal [ See Full Detail ]

VideoPal Review : Powerful Tools and Bonuses

VideoPal grants you the power of a fully fledged digital design studio. Conversions and leads will skyrocket with the addition of these slick and engaging avatars. Dominate in any conceivable business niche and drive new and repeat profits and engagement with VideoPal.

Current VideoPal Prices

The main cloud based product that will have you up and away designing digital avatars for your web site in no time is just a steal at $37 USD. Simply pay once and you gain access to the service forever.

As with all products of this nature it comes with some really cool extra features that you may want to explore later. The price is however likely to go up considerably after the launch period is over.

Offer Number One : The Profit Campus

The Profit Campus aims to cut the time that it takes to get new VideoPal owners really earning. Expect to find awesome training, real world case studies and all kinds of amazing bonus materials to prime you for huge profit success. VideoPal Profit Campus is an additional $37 USD.

Offer Number Two : The Deluxe Suite

The VideoPal Deluxe Suite is also $97 USD upfront cost or $27 monthly and extends the core software product with extra digital avatars, killer training techniques and power skills to really bring the game home.

Offer Number Three : The Commercial License

The commercial license for VideoPal costs $67 USD. The attraction of this product is that it allows you to resell the service. So for example you can charge local businesses and other clients for creating digital avatars for their web sites and so forth. This is a really cool way to extend the profits that come from using VideoPal significantly.

Why You Should Purchase?

Let me summarize just why in this VideoPal review I feel the software is a really sound investment. There are even more reasons why this is a worthy product to add to your digital arsenal of marketing tools. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee of this service. Other awesome reasons to buy include.

  • Add optin forms, timers and coupon code texts to increase conversions.
  • VideoPal is cloud based so you can use VideoPal anywhere in the world.
  • A very smooth learning curve, suitable for all tech and experience levels.

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