Are you fed up with the tedious 9-5 job that makes you feel like there’s no progress every time you complete another task? Do you look back to your youth, remember all those fun and exciting jobs you had during the summers, and try to figure out where things went wrong? Then, maybe it’s time for a new career path. Moreover, it would be best if you consider something wild that will bring you money and make you feel inspired every morning you wake up. Here are some of the most unusual industries that can lead to a fun career.

1. Professional Cuddler

Are you in dire need of a hug? No worries, because there is someone out there whose career is a professional cuddler! Believe it or not, professional cuddlers, also known as snugglers, are paid to hug complete strangers intimately. Don’t worry, though. The services of a professional cuddler are entirely platonic. Based on many psychological studies, a hug is a type of touch therapy that can help with many issues such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD. It is also known to help with specific health issues because it eases stress and creates relaxation.

If you decide to become a professional cuddler, you can earn up to $80 per hour, plus tips. That means you will make over $170,000 annually. Sounds good, right?

2. Online Gambling Tester

If you are looking for a more remote career, we recommend taking a closer look at the iGaming industry. The casino industry employs over one million people worldwide, and one of the most exciting career paths it offers is the online gambling tester. Your job would include different testing types of betting websites or apps. In other words, you would gamble for a living. You wouldn’t be gambling with real money, but it will still be a unique experience.

You could earn up to $130,000 per year as a QA tester. However, before starting this career, you may need to acquire a few certifications that will allow you to work in the iGaming industry.

3. Professional Sleeper

Anything can become a career path in today’s world if you think outside the box. That said, if you are someone who has been known to sleep through your shifts, then maybe you should consider becoming a professional sleeper. The job description of professional sleepers includes testing mattresses, pillows, and quilts. Keep in mind that most of the time, you may have to sleep in a testing area. You may also have to take sleep aids to fall asleep for medical trials.

This is another well-paid job, even though the only skill required for it is to be able to fall asleep in new surroundings. You could earn up to $118,000 per year as a professional sleeper.

4. Water Slide Tester

Can you imagine getting ready for work by putting on your swimming outfit and heading to the pool? As a water slide tester, you get to travel to some of the most fun summer destinations and test water slides in hotels and aqua parks. Your job will be to make sure that they are safe. Since you will ensure that all safety hazards are eliminated on time, your job will be as safe as it is fun.

As a water slide tester you can earn up to $78,500 annually. You will also learn many different synonyms for the words such as slides, water, and fun.