A wedding photo session captures emotions and memories for a lifetime. These beautiful, vivid, and atmospheric photos are indeed very important for each couple. But how to pose in front of the camera, what mistakes to avoid, and how to deal with anxiety during the shoot?

Photos from the wedding celebration preserve memories of this magical day. They reflect the most interesting, funny, and, of course, most romantic moments. They help the couple relive the excitement and joy of their special day again and again. Considering such an important role of wedding photographs, you need to choose a photographer carefully and thoughtfully because this person will be responsible for your memories. There is one more important moment to consider – the fear of the camera, which is familiar to almost all of us. So how to deal with your anxiety, and what needs to be done to ensure that your photo shoot results exceed your expectations?

Excitement and fear of the camera

To cope with the fear of the camera, try a pre-wedding photo shoot or a love story, or just take a pre-wedding walk with your photographer first. This will help you learn how the photographer works, and they, in turn, will better understand you and your desires. During this shooting, you will also be able to better understand yourself and what moments give you discomfort. For example, if you are embarrassed by crowded places, it is better to choose a more secluded place for the photo shoot on your wedding day.

Locations & ideas for shooting

One of the popular shooting ideas is the bride’s morning and the process of parents blessing their children, for example, with Christian icons if you are an Orthodox believer. The most ideal place for a morning photo shoot of the bride is a hotel. Not only does such a location provide peace of mind to the bride, but it also ensures the needed service level. Early breakfast in the room, dress preparation, assistance of the maids, and concierge help may be very useful on your special day.

Common mistakes

Any wedding shoot has its own nuances, but there are some common mistakes that you should avoid in the first place.

Remember your hands. The position of the hands plays an insanely important role in creating the perfect image. For instance, you should never curl your fingers into your palm when posing. You do not want to get fists in your wedding photos, right?

Do not throw your head back. Sometimes, models throw their heads back to portray languid languor. It is not the best idea for your wedding photos because the camera may visually enlarge your cheeks and make your eyes smaller.

Do not squint your eyes. Not everyone can squint their eyes and look perfect at the same time. Or rather, almost no one. To get a great shot, keep your eyes open and try to relax and enjoy the process as much as possible.

Tips and tricks

“How to pose for the camera?” is perhaps the most common question asked by couples. Of course, some people feel relaxed and at ease during photo shoots, but, in most cases, the shooting process makes the couple worry and wonder how to stand up, how to smile, and what to do in general.

If you want your wedding photo session to be a pleasure to remember for years to come, be sure to choose a photographer with whom you will feel comfortable during the shooting. Make a pre-wedding love story to give yourself the opportunity to get used to the camera and the photographer and to find your most spectacular angles. Look for the photos you like on the Internet and pick those that are close to your heart, paying attention to the poses, emotions, and what people are doing in the frame. You need to get ready for a shoot. This may take time, so be sure to start early.

Your wedding is one of the best days in your life, and a photo session should be a pleasant part of it. Just try to relax to get the most out of it!