Every year, there are millions of Americans looking to buy a home. Depending on the budget, location, and preferences, many things affect a buyer’s decision as they choose between properties. Some of the key elements include the size of the house, security in the area, traffic, and availability of social amenities such as schools, hospitals, malls, and the likes.

Once the above general conditions are suitable, homeowners proceed to analyze specific features they would love in their home. This includes swimming pools, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the size of the kitchen, among others.

Due to the increased competition in the real estate market, developers are coming up with creative ways to make their properties the pick of the bunch for buyers. Some of the additional features you may find on house listings include outdoor kitchens, game rooms, and saunas. However, a butler’s pantry is arguably the most unique and functional feature that can be added.

Wondering what is a butler’s pantry in a house? Don’t worry, once you’re through with this article, you’ll know what is a butler’s pantry and how to create a butler’s pantry.

What Is a Butler’s Pantry in a House?

Before you learn how to create a butler’s pantry, you must understand what it is. A butler’s pantry, also known as a scullery, is a historical kitchen feature that’s generally used for storage. Today, most butler’s pantries are located near dining rooms or kitchens.

These rooms have cabinets and countertops where table linens, serving pieces, glasses, candles, and other items used in the dining room are stored.

What Is the Purpose of a Butler’s Pantry?

Historically, a butler’s pantry was used to store, and take inventory of china, coffee urns, platters, and tureens. They were a feature in large homes and for wealthy people who could afford butlers. Stored silverware would also be polished within the pantries.

To safeguard these artifacts, which served as family heirlooms, the butlers would keep the cabinets locked at all times. In some instances, butlers would also sleep in the pantry.

Though butler’s pantries fell out of fashion for many years, they’re now a buzz for many homeowners. Regardless of the name, you do not have to hire a butler for you to buy a house with a butler’s pantry.

Why You Would Want a Butler’s Pantry?

Over the years, the answer to the question ‘what is the purpose of a butler’s pantry?’, if any, has evolved. However, the usefulness and value of these rooms in a house have not changed. As such, a butler’s pantry is an excellent addition to a modern home.

Today, butler’s pantries serve as an additional room for preparing meals while still offering extra storage space for your dishes and utensils. They also allow you to keep any dirty dishes and food scraps well hidden when you are entertaining guests. More importantly, they add a luxurious element to your home.

Modern butler’s pantries are design masterpieces made using luxurious materials. Don’t be surprised to find oak cabinets or quartz countertops in a butler’s pantry. By using Caesarstone quartz for your countertops, you will have a stylish contemporary butler’s pantry.

Types of Butler’s Pantries

There are different types of butler’s pantries you can have in your home. The one suitable for you depends on the role you want it to serve and the space available in your home. Pantries with a screen, sliding panels, and swinging doors are exceptionally great if privacy is a priority for you.

How to Create a Butler’s Pantry

Now that you know what is a butler’s pantry, it’s time to see where you can fit one in your house. There are two important things to consider if you want to build a pantry in your home. These are the space available and its proximity to the kitchen and dining room.

An ideal place to have a pantry is along the hallway between your dining room and the kitchen. Alternatively, you can convert a closet near the dining room into a pantry. Your pantry should have cabinets, display cubbies, counters, and hooks for your cleaning supplies.

If you want your butler’s pantry to be hidden, it’s entrance can be a false back wall in your kitchen.

How to Get the Best out of a Butler’s Pantry

For your butler’s pantry to serve you well, you must determine how you intend to use it and then have it designed accordingly. Once the use and design have been finalized, determine which materials will be suitable to build it.

Is a Butler’s Pantry Worth it?

Though the term may sound medieval, butler’s pantries are even more relevant even in the 21st century. If you love entertaining guests, you won’t regret living in a home with a butler’s pantry.