Emails remain an important part of the online world, especially when businesses use this channel to interact with customers. However, a business can run into problems while doing so. Luckily, you can take advantage of email artificial intelligence (email AI) to improve your email campaigns.

Automatically Send Emails

Sending emails can take up tons of your time before you know it. This happens since you need to type them out, select all of your contacts and send them the emails. However, if you use email AI, then you can set it up to send out your emails to all the right people. This will allow you to let the AI handle your emails for you.

On top of sending out your email newsletters, you can also set up your email AI to send welcome emails. This way, when subscribers first sign up to receive your emails, they will immediately get a welcome email with important information. They don’t have to wait for someone to send it and feel good about joining your newsletter.

Email Workflows

Welcome emails and other automatic emails can happen because of email workflows. Email workflows tell your email AI what it needs to do based on the actions of customers. For example, if they open your emails about new updates but ignore emails about deals, then it will stop sending them deals. Instead, it will focus on the updates.

This happens as you create different workflows for your AI to follow. You create a set of commands that occur based around your customers. This way, you can send them relevant information that will draw in their attention. This then helps you to gain more conversions and higher open rates on your emails.

Improve Your Emails

You can take advantage of email AI to help you improve your marketing. This happens as it collects data for you so that you can analyze it and improve your emails. For example, it can let you know the optimal length that you should make your subject lines to increase your open rates. This is based around collected data.

Email AI can collect tons of different information for your email campaigns. This goes from effective CTAs to finding the right length for your emails. As you continue to use email AI and look at the information that it tracks, you can find new ways to improve your email newsletters and campaigns.

Email Timing

The timing of your emails will also impact your metrics. People get tons of emails and messages everyday, so your emails can easily get drowned out in their inboxes. Because of this, you need to find a way to time your emails so that they will appear at the top of your customers’ inboxes when they open them.

You can find this information as you track statistics with your email AI. Try and send your campaigns out at different times to see when they perform the best. From here, you can set up your email AI to always send those emails at that time. This will allow you to send and improve your email newsletters even outside of business hours.


While your business can run email campaigns and newsletters on its own, you should look into email AI and how it can benefit your business. This will allow you to take advantage of those benefits and increase your sales and customers through it. Make sure to give your email newsletters the attention they deserve and use them effectively.