In traffic affiliate marketing, nutra is considered one of the most interesting and profitable verticals. And all thanks to its diversity of target audience, geos and creatives. That is why it is not difficult to find a nutra affiliate program. Nutra includes health and beauty products. This niche does not lose its popularity as people will always strive to look good. In this article, we will talk about the features of nutra, its categories and promotion legality.

How nutra products differ from medicine

Medicines are used to prevent and treat diseases. They contain a clear dosage of substances necessary to eliminate a particular disease. Dietary supplements are biologically active food supplements that can meet a person’s need for missing vitamins and minerals. The dosage of active substances is not as clear as in medicines. The product is recognized as a drug or dietary supplement depending on the legislation of a particular country and the studies carried out. To become a medicine, dietary supplements applying for this must prove their effectiveness and safety. Some drugs fit both criteria, so the choice of their registration as a dietary supplement or medicine remains with the manufacturer.

Nutraceuticals pose no health hazards. Such products are in great demand among consumers. They can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription, and the promotion of nutra on the Internet does not require special permission. Instagram is one of the leading traffic sources. Organic traffic from thematic sites and blogs does not lose relevance either.

Popularity of nutra in advertising affiliate marketing

First, nutra offers the consumer a simple and quick solution to the problem. No one wants to waste time making an appointment with a doctor, but wants to get an answer on the Internet right now. Second, people will always have health problems, given the upward trend in the average age of users on the Internet. For example, hypertension has a stable position in advertising affiliate marketing associated with the “aging” of the audience. The same is true for eye aids.

The “miracle pill” phenomenon is ubiquitous in marketing, and affiliate marketing is no exception. This phenomenon lies in the consumer’s belief that all their problems can be solved easily and quickly. And where there is faith, there is demand, and hence supply. All CPA affiliate programs know this. If we consider the phenomenon of the “miracle pill” in more detail, it implies competent planning, as well as complex labor-intensive work to promote nutra-offers. Users on the Internet are becoming lazier every year and you can make good money on this.

Categories of nutra offers in traffic affiliate marketing

Nutra vertical includes the following categories of offers:

  • Beauty is a category containing various skin care products. The main target audience is women, but some products are targeted at men. In promo materials, the emphasis should be on the effectiveness and safety of funds.
  • Health includes various supplements for internal organs. It is very important to mention in promo materials the naturalness of the components, as well as the effectiveness of the product.
  • Weight loss products are especially relevant from the end of winter to summer, when people want to get in shape. Their target audience is middle-aged women who are looking for a quick way to get rid of extra pounds. In promo materials for weight loss, you need to focus on positive reviews or use before-after photos.
  • Products for joints can be both painkillers and aimed at a complex action. The main target audience is athletes and people aged 30-35. In promo materials, you need to maximize the benefits of such products.
  • Products for men’s health include various means for penis enlargement and potency. In promo materials, it is important to talk about the results of using and the duration of the funds.

When choosing an offer from the nutra category, consider the specifics of the particular country you will be working with. For example, all kinds of parasite remedies are popular in Thailand, but Germany prefers teeth whitening products. Some nutra categories are seasonal, such as weight loss products.

Is it legal to promote nutra?

If the product is recognized as a dietary supplement and has the appropriate certificate, it can technically be promoted legally. Again, it all depends on the laws of a particular country. However, some affiliate marketers choose “gray” and “black” affiliate marketing to promote nutra products. Using “gray” affiliate marketing, the affiliate marketer can resort to tricks to bypass the rules of the advertiser or affiliate program. It can attract an audience that is not sufficiently prepared for a particular product. Such nutra promotion methods are illegal on popular platforms, so the affiliate marketer uses cloaking, which redirects users to the target site, and administrators to the white page. In the case of “black” affiliate marketing, completely illegal methods of promotion can be used, such as clickanders or scam traffic.

How much can you earn on nutra products?

Nutra vertical is one of the most profitable in affiliate marketing today. Therefore, with the right approach, you can earn quite a lot. A very important factor in earning is the commission model, as well as the reputation of the CPA network. The earnings of an affiliate marketer depend on 4 factors — the relevance of the nutra-offer, the payment model, the success of the advertising campaign and the target geo. There is no clear “ceiling” here, therefore, if you catch a demanded offer and competently conduct an advertising campaign, you can get quite serious amounts.

Nutra is an interesting and popular vertical in affiliate marketing. That is why affiliate marketers will always be able to earn quite large sums in this category. The main thing is to choose a suitable CPA network, select a popular offer from the categories and constantly test the ads. Also, try not to work with “black” affiliate marketing.