There are times when you might get bored with your used car and plan to purchase a new one or try some other vehicle. You cannot keep it in place to get rusted over a few years in your garage, and hence, selling a used car is the best option. It can be of greater use to people who are interested in buying a second-hand car at affordable prices within their budget. You can sell a used car for recycling or use their spare parts to be reused in automobiles. However, it is quite convenient to sell cars online, but you need to look out cautiously for clever scammers. Scammers have a lot of ways to trick people with their communication and convincing skills and lay traps for car sellers. 

However, it is not easy to identify scammers online as fake documents, profiles, and company names can be created overnight. You should be aware of the frauds and methods used for scams by car sellers to avoid these situations. In this article, you will learn about numerous scams that can happen with any used car or vehicle seller. 

Scam through post-dated cheques

When selling a car, you should not allow the buyer to pay money in installments. You should transfer ownership of the car only after getting full payment in hand. Don’t deal with the selling condition alone, you may involve some authorized legal party to finalize the deal.

However, most buyers request to pay half the money and pay half money later on or provide you with post-dated cheques that have no balance and tend to bounce. They may even agree to pay more than you have asked for. Once they drive off the car, you can get no trace of them, and half of the money transferred can be reversed within 2 hours. By the time you understand that it is a scam, they might have gone miles away. 

Scam by informing you that your search for a buyer is over

In this scam, you will get a call from the listing site, and they will inform you that your car is getting more hits from many interested buyers. Immediately, they will confirm the buyer over a second call. Then the concerned person will ask you to secure the sale by paying $500/- as an admin fee. They assure you that it will be refundable if the deal is not finalized from the buyer’s end. Most of the sellers trust them and lose their $500/- forever. You should verify the buyer’s identity and get all the details with copies of their original credentials.

Trade or monthly payments scam

Scammers will contact you as a buyer and show much interest in your car. They will not buy your car outright but offer a swap or trade, which may seem quite attractive and profitable to you at first. They will show luxury cars with highly modified features. Now, they can use the buyer’s greed against them. The car shown to be traded might be stolen, mechanically troubled, or still have an amount owing over it.

Buyers may also offer to pay monthly payments and submit fake credentials or forms. You can never trace them and lose the car and money in the process. Never allow a test drive to be alone with their friend. They may have the intention to steal your car while test-driving. A car has sufficient space to adjust yourself, and you should allow only the buyer to test drive with you sitting beside you. 


You have to do detailed research about the interested customers and verify their backgrounds. It is best to sell cars online but only on authorized platforms. Observe and notice everything the buyer has to say and run the process slowly with the authoritative parties involved. Take every step carefully with a planned and strategic way to recover your amount for the car.