People have been making furniture out of wood for many years, and no wonder. It’s durable, beautiful, and lends itself to different types of designs around the house. Whether you want a showpiece dining room table, a coffee table, or a little end table beside the bed, there are many perfect wooden options.

Before you make your purchase, here’s what you should consider.

Size and Fit

Like anything, it’s very important to match the size of the furniture to the scale of the room. The dining room table you buy might be an excellent piece of furniture, but if it’s too large, the room will feel tight and constricted. If it is too small, the table will feel like it’s floating in the room, adrift.

Understand the dimensions of the room and the furniture to ensure the piece you get is the correct size. You want a great fit. You wouldn’t wear clothing that’s too baggy or tight on your body, nor should you furnish your home with items that don’t fit properly.

Stains and Wood Type

The type of wood and stain colour you select will really determine the furniture’s character. Dark and light woods have a very different feel. Light woods like pine tend to look modern and feel airier, while darker woods like oak feel more classic and formal, though they’re also coming back in style.

The grains give the wood its signature. The dark, wavy grains fanned out in mahogany are very different than the light, bare lines of pine. If you want a sleek, contemporary, minimalist look, the paler colour of pine will be perfect.

Woods like mahogany and oak are absolutely gorgeous, too, but darker woods need more space to breathe, or they’ll make the room they’re in look smaller. When you buy wood furniture in Mississauga or the GTA, consider the range of colour stains available, as well as wood types.

Classic or Quirky

You can go very different routes when picking wooden furniture. There’s the stately grandeur of old classic looks and modern minimalism, but there’s also a range of quirky new designs outside these categories.

For example, you can buy a kitchen table with legs designed to be an optical illusion so they look symmetrical or asymmetrical depending on the angle of your vantage point. Other tables have a wavy, windy, shiny blue epoxy running through the crack in the surface, looking like a river.

Today’s wooden furniture builders have a wider range of styles than you may think. Look at all the options before you commit to a piece. You may have a specific type of wooden furniture in mind when you begin to shop, but with today’s inventive furniture builders, there are options you’ve probably never even imagined.

Furnishing your home is fun, but you need to do it carefully. You don’t want to buy pieces that only look good in the ads but don’t stand up to daily wear and tear very well. Consider the broader aesthetics of your home, the specific environment and the room’s dimensions, and you’re sure to get a beautiful piece of wooden furniture you’ll enjoy for years.