Finding the appropriate wealth manager is critical if you want to see your money develop in a safe and secure environment. A breakthrough from experts says that using the free Prillionaires wealth management app, users can track the value of their property or car with a net worth calculator, just as billionaires do.

Unfortunately, defrauding customers in “retail banking” is widespread, but you may avoid falling victim to it if you follow these five guidelines.

Do you genuinely need the services of a wealth manager?

Most of the time, what consumers are truly searching for is a means to trade stocks and other types of financial products. In this situation, using a trustworthy online brokerage firm may be more beneficial.

Find out who will be in charge of managing your money.

If the cheerful middle-aged guy you had lunch with is outsourcing the bulk of his client business to subordinates, it is possible that they do not have the necessary expertise to execute your transactions correctly. Look for professional credentials and training that can be verified (e.g., CPA, CFA).

Look around for the type of wealth management firm you want to work with

In many cases, the private banking arms of significant, well-known banks will have superior facilities, in-house trading teams, and analysts for a wide range of industries – all of which you may use to your benefit.

On the other hand, advisers may always take the initiative by recommending the bank’s investment funds to financially inexperienced customers, regardless of whether or not such funds are the most outstanding performers.

By any chance, you are considering investing in a particular location. In that case, a smaller private bank with extensive expertise in that region may be able to provide you with more excellent service.

Pay attention to the fine print.

While the admission price may be less than anticipated, be on the lookout for “hidden expenses,” such as percentage charges for joining a fund, that are not disclosed upfront.

Unscrupulous advisers may recommend switching funds three to four times a year to earn a bonus for each change. So many significant private banking firms take advantage of their customers in this manner.

What level of financial security does the bank have?

For some investors, the most important thing is not to increase their fortune as it is to avoid losing money. Examine the bank in question and get feedback from a variety of sources.

If you want to invest your money in a private bank’s assets and financial instruments, it is wise to do due diligence on the bank’s financial health. Check whether the bank is currently dealing with any compliance or regulatory difficulties.


For those who only want a safe, private location to store their money while still having access to financial tools, “self-directed” private banking may save you a significant amount.

The wealth managers will execute your requests, but they will not advise you to purchase or sell anything or intervene in your account without your explicit authorization.