15. The Trials of Being a Single Mom

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Being a single mother is hard, plain and simple. And for Theresa West and her three adopted children, life was proving to not be all that they had hoped it would be.  On the verge of being homeless and without the funds to purchase food, Theresa was forced to make a very difficult decision to feed her kids.

However, she soon found out, that even the best laid plans can go south rather quickly.

14. The Life of a Police Offer

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For most police offers, a day on the job is usually quite grueling and you get very little thanks to show for it. However, every single day our men and women in uniform take to the streets to keep us safe from criminals. For two police officers responding to a shoplifting call, they would soon find out that a simple arrest would turn into an opportunity to make an incredible difference in someone’s life.

You won’t believe what these two officers did to help this family.

13. Wanting What’s Best for Her Kids

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Theresa West had been down on her luck for quite some time. Money had become hard to come by and she was soon finding herself struggling to put food on the table for her three adopted kids. At her wits end, Theresa finally sought out help, but was shocked by the response.

Do you think anyone helped this down on her luck woman?

12. Turned Away Wherever She Turned

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Realizing that she needed help and could no longer support her family on her own, Theresa turned to anyone who would might be able to help. From churches to food banks, Theresa begged for any type of support.

Unfortunately, she found herself turned away constantly.

11. Jumping Through Hoops

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“We called the churches and everything and everyone was like ‘We go through Interfaith Council, we go through this and go through that’ and nobody would give us anything,” West said . “We had nothing.”

Realizing she would have to take matters into her own hands, Theresa hatched a desperate plan.

10. Starving and Desperate

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After going three days without any food, Theresa was finally at the end of her rapidly fraying rope. Realizing she was going to have to steal food to feed her kids, she went to her local Food Lion. For Theresa, the very fact she had to commit a crime proved she was beyond desperate, but what was she to do? Her kids had to eat!

9. The Crime is Committed

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Pushing her conscience on pause, Theresa stole $36 worth of food from the grocery store. However, unknown to her, employees were watching her every move. In fact, they even wrote down her license plate number as she fled the scene.

Sadly, Theresa would soon find out she had to pay the consequences for her actions.

8. Police Report Filed

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Meanwhile, Corporal Keith Bradshaw and his partner received a call regarding a woman who had shoplifted. After running her plates, they decided to pay her a little visit on what they thought would be a routine shoplifting arrest.

However, the afternoon took quite an unexpected turn.

7. Time to Face the Music

Image: The Herald Sun

When Bradshaw and his partner arrived at Theresa’s home, they weren’t expecting such a swift confession. Knowing that she had made a terrible mistake, Theresa admitted to the theft as tears streamed down her face.

It was then that Bradshaw made a startling discovery.

6. The Empty Fridge

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When opening Theresa’s fridge, Bradshaw found it to be completely empty. In fact, it seemed like the fridge hadn’t ever had any food in it. Moved by her situation, he knew had to do something, but the simple fact remained—she was guilty. Therefore, Theresa was arrested and booked at the Hillsborough County police station.

We can only hope the two officers find some mercy on this poor woman.

5. The Desire to Do a Good Dead

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Realizing that Theresa was in a horrible situation financially and unable to feed her kids, Bradshaw knew he wanted to help her in any way he could. He consulted with his partner to figure out how they could help her so she didn’t feel like she had to steal.

After a few moments, Bradshaw had the perfect idea.

4. Paying It Forward

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Bradshaw and his partner decided to pool their money together and purchase Theresa groceries. There was absolutely no reason her children should suffer and go hungry. Despite Theresa committing a crime, she had only done it out of desperation to feed her kids.

Therefore, the officers went to work to give Theresa a little hope in her dark times.

3. Out on Bail

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Theresa was able to get out on bail shortly after being booked at the police station. Tired and dejected, nothing could have prepared her for the surprise waiting outside of her home.

We promise you’re going to shed a tear or too.

2. A Beautiful and Selfless Act

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Arriving at her home, Theresa was shocked to find Bradshaw and his partner waiting for her. She was even more surprised to find their squad cars filled with groceries for her family. Together, Bradshaw and his partner had spent over $140 to fill Theresa’s fridge so her children would not go hungry again.

1. Overwhelmed and Thankful

Image: The Epoch Times

“My favorite verse is Matthew 23:24, ‘Whenever I was hungry, you fed me,’” Theresa told the local news. “I’m struggling so hard to make it and just to have somebody to come help me is just been a miracle.”

Even better, Theresa’s family will be taken care of moving forward. The police department has revealed they plan to get her the help she needs so she can better provide for her family. It’s amazing how fast your life can turn around thanks to the kindness of others.