PAJ GPS offers advanced safety and security solutions. These include vehicle trackers, pet trackers and luggage trackers. These devices are ideal for securing vehicles, machinery and valuables against theft and vandalism. They feature a geo-fence function which alerts you as soon as the device leaves an established perimeter.

Benefit from superior network coverage with our future-proof technology. Try a free demo to experience the difference yourself or Shop PAJ- GPS

Advanced Safety and Security Solutions

In today’s uncertain world, safeguarding your loved ones and valuables is essential. PAJ GPS offers state-of-the-art technology and robust security features that allow you to keep track of what matters most to you.

The PAJ GPS POWER Finder 4G is a magnetic GPS tracker designed to protect vehicles and other valuables. It’s easy to install and includes a live tracking function so you can monitor your items in real time. It also has a geofence feature which ensures that your vehicle or possession stays within a designated area.

As someone who travels often this device is a godsend and provides peace of mind that should something get lost it can be found quickly. It’s also great for keeping tabs on kids and elderly relatives. I received this tracker in collaboration with Shop PAJ-GPS and I’m really impressed by it! It’s so easy to use and there is a SOS button that can be pressed should you feel threatened.

Discreet and Easy to Use

A lot of people have a special spot in their hearts for their vehicles. But unfortunately, thieves don’t care about these emotions and often steal vehicles to use or sell on.

To help you prevent theft of your vehicle or any valuable possessions, we offer GPS trackers that allow you to monitor their location in real time. These devices are equipped with alarm functions that help you react to unexpected situations quickly.

They also feature a long battery life that helps you keep track of the location of your car or other asset for a 365-day period. All you need to do is set up a subscription through the PAJ Finder Portal. This can be monthly, every 3 months or annually, depending on your needs. You can even get a free trial to experience our cutting-edge tracking technology for yourself. This makes it possible to keep tabs on your kids, elderly loved ones, pets and luggage.

Designed to Fit Your Life

The GPS tracker from PAJ is the perfect solution for families, travelers, students, and anyone else who needs to keep a close eye on their assets. The device has multiple alarm functions and works with a SIM that offers global tracking coverage in over 100 countries. Its powerful magnets make it easy to attach it to any metal surface of your means of transportation or your valuables. A geographical fence function limits its movement in a circular area, sending you an alert as soon as it leaves your established safe zone.

PAJ GPS trackers are available at Ubuy Nepal from 7 international warehouses and can be delivered to anywhere in the world at cost effective prices. Shop now and enjoy peace of mind on your next adventure!

Shop with Confidence

Protecting your family, your belongings, and your business with PAJ GPS trackers is a smart move in today’s uncertain world. These futuristic solutions combine cutting-edge innovation with unparalleled reliability to ensure that you can stay safe and secure.

You can keep an eye on the location of your car, boat, caravan or motorhome and even your pet using the PAJ POWER Finder 4G GPS Tracker. You can also see a history of the routes taken over the past 365 days so you will be able to pinpoint any patterns that may emerge in the event of theft.

I was sent the PAJ Easy Finder 4G to review and it’s super easy to use, the app and portal are clear and intuitive. Do bear in mind that this does need to be charged initially and takes 8-12 hours to charge fully, then a small monthly or yearly subscription fee is required for the tracking functions. This can be done via the PAJ Finder Portal website or the PAJ app.