With the rise in digital marketing and social media campaigns, it is essential to know where in the vast sea of the internet you need to market. The number of social media platforms has been increasing, but they have, in the past, proven to be short-lived in terms of popularity and may not be as sponsor-friendly or align with the principles of your business. This is why Instagram is considered one of the best marketing hotspots, and its sustained growth and business-friendly interface have contributed to the success of many businesses.

1. Large Landscape

With 121 billion users from all age groups and genders, this app almost daily gives the perfect landscape for businesses to reach a more extensive and more diverse audience and market their products and services. This will help businesses market to their target audience directly. For example, if you sell Russian literature novels, you can find Russian literature enthusiasts on Instagram and target your ads toward this group. This will create brand awareness, and utilizing some of the best practices for Instagram ads can attract a large pool of global clientele and boost your business.

2. Convenient User Interface

Instagram is a visual catalog that features multiple brands and their pages on one app. This makes it convenient for the consumer to visit your business page rather than searching for individual websites. They are more likely to view your products and services this way. The app also seamlessly integrates ads in your target audience’s explore page, which users spend hours mindlessly scrolling through.

3. Trendsetter

Over the years, we have seen so many marketing strategies go viral on Instagram, from #shotoniphone to #showus. This is because Instagram’s user interface caters to the current generation’s short attention spans and the need for visual engagement. People no longer have the time or are interested in lengthy and elaborate marketing campaigns. Now they prefer eye-catching and memorable visuals without an unnecessary long audio monologue. An aesthetically pleasing picture with a catchphrase that resonates with the audience is likely to cause more traction than outdated two-minute advertisement videos.

4. Cost Effective

An average ad campaign requires studio space, models/actors, lighting, cameras, etc. This is usually an expensive undertaking that requires a lot of resources. It is always wise for a business to reduce its costs wherever it can. This is why many businesses directly pay influencers to create and post ads on their Instagram pages for their followers. This is a clever way to market to millions of people at once, through a source that they trust, without draining your resources.

5. Direct Contact With Customers

Customer satisfaction and feedback are critical to the success of a business. For this purpose, direct messaging, tagging, liking, mentioning, and comment sections come in handy. You can interact with your customers directly and respond quickly to maximize customer gratification. This will make your customers trust your product more and create brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is a trust-driven association that will bond a customer to the business emotionally so that they keep purchasing from your company. You can deepen this connection with the help of constant direct communication.

6. Various Ways to Engage With Your Audience

Instagram isn’t only limited to pictures. You can post stories, videos, go live, etc. This gives you more ways of staying in touch and reaching out to your audience. A good marketing campaign employs as many techniques as possible to advertise its products. Instagram boosts its sponsored posts so that many people can view them. Both Instagram and Facebook Ads Manager allow advertisers to choose their ad’s objective, categorize their audiences, make ads tailored to their budgets, and set the length of the time they will run. They also offer additional configuration, formatting, and demographic options.

7. Easy SEO

Instagram search engine optimization makes your content or account pop up when a user searches for a relevant keyword or hashtag. This increases the reach of your page and its frequency on potential customers’ feeds. You can optimize your Instagram profile so that it shows up in searches more by using frequently used keywords such as ‘travel’ or ‘beauty’. However, due to the numerous ads on Instagram, you do want to set yourself apart from the competition, so don’t be afraid to experiment. A unique campaign that combines keywords, aesthetically pleasing pictures, and a message that resonates with the audience will produce the best results.


With its growing popularity and people’s shrinking attention spans, it might be foolish to ignore Instagram when marketing for your company. With a variety of tools, algorithms that favor sponsored posts, and refined audience capabilities, it can educate businesses on their consumers while targeting those with akin interests. When you plan your next advertising campaign, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words.