Hybrid working has brought many new challenges to business owners. It has made them feel uncertain about their business’s future, almost as much as working from home did. But there is one way out of many that can help businesses improve their experience with hybrid working, and that is through the use of laptops.

Firstly, what is hybrid working?

Hybrid working is the idea of people being able to work from home and in the office on different days of the working week. This is often the way that many companies have eased their workers back into working in the office, slowly increasing the number of days those employees spend in the office until they are back full time. It has many benefits, including allowing hot seating and giving workers more time at home and less time on their daily commute. This also helps workers recharge by giving them a little bit more time outside of work, which, as you might expect, has the knock-on effect of boosting their morale.

Secondly, why a laptop?

Laptops have taken the world by storm over the past twenty years or so. They are particular favorites among students more than anyone else due to their ease of use. They have become one of the best go-to tech items and, as such, are available in a wide range of specifications, which further improves their appeal. Here are some of the reasons why laptops are excellent for your business and how they help with hybrid working.

#1 They are transportable

Laptops are lightweight, easily transportable, and storable. This is excellent for anyone who wants to work on the go and can be a good addition to a team that does spend a lot of time traveling to meetings and conferences. They are very sleek and slim, meaning that they can easily fit into bags and luggage, meaning that they can be taken on any mode of transport.

Why is this good for hybrid working?

Hybrid working is made so much easier with laptops. Company laptops can be easily stored around the home and transported to and from work with ease. They almost entirely remove the hassle of moving large amounts of paperwork and files and can be great for helping your employees when it comes to the convenience of packing in the morning. In addition to this, they can also be easily moved around the home. For instance, if you are in a video chat or a meeting with them and their connection with their internet weakens, causing lag, they can easily move to another spot without missing out too much on the meeting.

#2 They are relatively cheap

Laptops have a very wide range of models and functions that you can often find middle-range laptops to be not as costly as you may have first thought. You can find a cheap laptop that is perfect for any employee in your business that does everything you need it to without the hefty price tag. Buying them in bulk and then having them set up to work for your business can be a far less expensive process than you probably realize. You also don’t have to buy monitors and computers and keyboards separately, meaning that you can buy the whole unit in one without needing to worry about screen sizes and how much space they will take up in the office.

Why is this good for hybrid working?

This is good for hybrid working because you can afford to pay out for one laptop per employee or team member to work both from home and at the office. Having this one laptop, which is worked on at both the office and in the home, can prove beneficial to personal users. They won’t need to share domains across computers, and if they have one laptop, they can quickly become familiar with it, so they will work far faster. They will also know the layout of this device well, so trying to find files and documents won’t take all too long.

#3 Laptops are incredibly easy to use

As mentioned above, laptops have become a favorite of many due to their ease of use. They are good for all levels of understanding when it comes to technology and can make work feel like a breeze to many. They are also good for typing on, as they have an inbuilt keyboard and can also be connected to plug-in keyboards if necessary.

Why is this good for hybrid working?

To put it plainly, it means that all of your workers can use one without too much of a complaint, and any problems can generally be solved by your IT department easily. This can make them highly reliable. It also means that even your less tech-savvy workers won’t have an excuse not to do any work, as your work software should work very smoothly on them. Laptops can also be a preferred tech to work on as that is probably what most of your workers have at home for leisure anyway, and this can be a great way of making sure that they feel comfortable and familiar with what they are working on, therefore, increasing their productivity.

#4 They last for a very long time

If laptops are looked after well, the likelihood is, they will last for up to five years, maybe longer. This means that, in theory, you shouldn’t have to pay out for new laptops for your workers within the same few years that they are brought as long as there are no incidents resulting from carelessness. This is incredibly convenient for when you are saving your business money, as mentioned above, and can prove to be very long-lived and reliable.

Why is this good for hybrid working?

Of course, you will still have to be prepared for if they break, get broken by employee carelessness, or even stolen, so it is a good idea to always have some spare. But the fact that laptops have the potential to last for a long time means that you can keep the laptops even after you finish hybrid working if you choose to go back into the office full-time. They can be good for during the hybrid period and long after and can mean that you save quite a bit of money.

To wrap things up

In conclusion, hybrid working has brought many stresses to the workplace. This is because of its somewhat complicated amount of planning involved in easing people back into the workplace. However, laptops might provide you with a useful tool to help you through it. They are transportable, meaning that they can be taken in and out of the workplace with ease, as well as stored in your employee’s home out of the way.

Secondly, they are relatively cheap, meaning that you can buy many of them and not have to worry so much about making a bad investment. Thirdly, they are easy to use, meaning that they can be reliable and can be used by anyone of any computing ability. They can also last up to five years if they are looked after, meaning that you won’t need to pay out for half as many replacements as you might think. This can help you handle hybrid working in an easy and cheap way, so you don’t need to worry about the financial impact of hybrid working to your business.