As the importance of having great quality content on your website has been widely recognized, people are now finally paying due attention to their blog sections. Not only is the power of written words been reinstated as crucial, but it is also a vital element in the overall user experience.

Although there’s so much more to having a great website than just the quality of texts, they are the necessary feature which adds a lot to the perfect combination. Most users don’t evaluate websites in terms of separate features, but rather as a whole, which means that no element can be omitted or neglected in you wish to provide visitors to your site with a supreme experience.

Why is user experience so important?

It goes without saying that people visit websites only if they are intrigued by its offer or if they believe they’ll find some answers or great deals. If their expectations are not met, people will leave the site disappointed, even though their expectations might have been completely unfounded in the first place. Even though there’s nothing you can do about unrealistic expectations, there’s so much you can do about pretty much everything else.

A satisfied visitor or a customer brings income, spreads the word about your offer and significantly improves your brand identity. In order to meet their expectations, you have to pay a lot of attention to the quality of texts on your blog page, as well as the design. This means that your blog page must be packed with ads and should not feature a pop-up window, since many people perceive them as annoying. Needless to say, navigation should be as smooth as possible and intuitive.

Making them feel special

People don’t expect every blog entry to be extremely relevant to them, but they do expect to come across something they feel was written particularly for them or about the situation they are in. In order to delight the visitors with such entries, you need to know who your visitors are and what they expect. Getting it right improves the satisfaction of users immensely.

If you manage to add even more value to your blog by providing interesting infographics and presentations, you’re almost certain to create a very positive experience for your target group. Videos are also seen as a great tool in helping you provide not only valid and relevant information, but entertainment as well.


Since blogs are normally integrated with websites, every time someone shares a blog entry they will actually be sharing much more with their followers, thus improving the SEO ranking of the website. However, in order for this to happen, people should feel the need to share your blog entry and they’ll have no reservations if they are satisfied with the whole package.

Another feature that is easy to install, but is quite useful, is the sharing buttons. Also, outbound links leading to larger websites will help the rankings and visibility of your website. This may sound overwhelming to some, but if you wish to make money online, you have to be ready to learn a thing or two.

Boosting brand identity

There are many things you can do to improve your brand identity and blogging is definitely one of them. Providing relevant information, which is presented in an appealing and well-designed context will make people trust your brand more and become loyal to it. This is particularly important, since we know that you need to invest around five times more money in attracting new customers than retaining old ones.

However, blogs should also live outside the virtual world. The person or people in charge of creating content for your blog should attend relevant events and various digital trade shows in order to promote the brand. Not only will they be able to establish important contacts, but they’ll also have a chance to hear comments and suggestions from the users.


User experience has become increasingly important, which has led to many changes to how websites and, more specifically, blogs are treated. If you want the visitors to leave the website satisfied with what they’ve seen and learnt, you need to pay equal attention to the design, layout and content provided. In terms of blog entries, the information you provide should be relevant and presented in the way that the user feels they have found exactly what they wanted.