You may be tempted to think that high performance basketball gear is not worth looking into. It may be valid for people that play basketball a few times per year but if you are a frequent player, high performance basketball gear makes sense as it has a few advantages over regular gear.

The secret is in the shoes!

Basketball sneakers seem bulky and may appear to have a weight sole shape. There is a reason why they are tall and the sole is curved in the toe area and on the heel.

The curved sole allows for better movement and control. It makes it easier to make large leaps, pivot on your toes, and walk backward without tripping. You are certainly more likely to trip or fall when using regular shoes rather than basketball shoes.

Proper basketball shoes also need to be tall and go above your ankles. This design choice is not for comfort. The goal is to prevent injuries. When running, pivoting on one foot, or just moving around, there is always a chance of breaking an ankle. Having the tall design protects the ankles from injuries.

While basketball shoes are designed mainly to protect your feet and ankles, they are also surprisingly comfortable. For this reason, it is common to see young adults wearing high performance basketball gear even outside the basketball court.

Not everything goes!

When it comes to clothing, high performance basketball gear is a bit different than what you would expect. Regular clothing is usually made of cotton. While cotton is great for sensitive skin and many would prefer it as it is a natural fabric, it is not ideal for active individuals.

Playing a sport such as basketball should get you to sweat a lot. Cotton as fabric tends to absorb moisture and sweat. As the shirt absorbs more and more water, it will tend to stick to the skin. This will cause discomfort and may even affect your gameplay.

High performance basketball gear and sports shirts in particular are made mostly out of polyester and elastane. These two fabrics do not absorb sweat as well as cotton. Also, a polyester shirt does not tend to stick to the skin when soaked in sweat. Another advantage of this type of fabric is that it can stretch easily but it does not tear. Cotton will tear when pulled. When playing basketball, you will most likely have your shirt grabbed and stretched by other players. Because of the high tear resistance of the fabric, you should leave the basketball court with the shirt in one piece.

You need a high-quality towel!

While there may not be towels that are designed for basketball, in particular, you do need to have one with you when on the basketball court. It should be part of your high performance basketball gear since you will sweat a lot. The shirt will help but you do not have a proper solution to avoid getting sweat in your eyes. A towel is an ideal solution. Surely you have noticed that during professional matches, players take any opportunity they get to wipe their faces and hair to void getting sweat in their eyes.