Helping animals in need of saving is a noble thing to do, but would you help an animal with huge teeth? Even though there was a high risk of getting bitten, a woman named Jannet Talbot decided to put it all on the line to save a sabertooth squirrel. Keep reading because the pictures that you are about to see are unbelievable.

20. Squirrel Feeder

Our story starts when Jannet spotted a weird looking squirrel eating nuts from the feeder outside her house. As Jannet got closer, she saw something terrifying!

19. Sabertooth Squirrel

Even though this might look like it’s a picture taken from a horror movie, it’s as real as it gets! The squirrel that Jannet spotted in her backyard had huge teeth and it looked terrifying!

18. Animal Lover

Jannet Talbot is an animal lover and she dedicates her free time to helping others in need. Therefore, the woman felt like she needed to do something and save the poor squirrel.

17. Getting Closer

Jannet tried getting closer to the weird looking squirrel, but the animal got scared and ran away. Seeing this, Jannet came up with a brilliant idea to catch the squirrel.

16. Delicious Nuts

Knowing that the squirrel doesn’t want to get close to Jannet, the woman decided to fill up the feeder with delicious nuts and wait for the poor animal to come back. Do you think this plan worked?

15. The Squirrel Is Back

It didn’t take long for the horrific looking squirrel to see the delicious nuts and to come back. Seeing this, Jannet tried getting close once again.

14. Climbing On Trees

Just like before, the squirrel got scared of Jannet and she climbed the highest tree she could find. However, Jannet started talking to her and the squirrel calmed down. The next picture will shock you!

13. Huge Teeth

As you can clearly see, the squirrel had the most immense teeth ever! As terrifying as it might look, the huge teeth were actually putting the animal’s life in danger and here’s why…

12. The Squirrel Needs Help

The poor squirrel wasn’t able to eat properly because of the enormous teeth. Jannet knew that she needed to figure a way of cutting the teeth so that the little squirrel could eat.

11. Dangerous Task

Even though cutting the squirrel’s teeth might not sound like a dangerous task, it actually was. The animal could get scared and bite Jannet, but she didn’t let this scare her.

10. Cutting The Teeth

Without wasting any more time, Jannet covered the squirrel in a warm towel to make it comfortable and picked up some pliers. The next picture will show you what the squirrel looks like without the huge teeth.

9. Normal Teeth

Jannet did her best and managed to cut the huge teeth. Luckily, the whole process didn’t last longer than a couple of moments and the little squirrel didn’t get scared.

8. Bucky

Jannet decided to adopt the little squirrel and to name it Bucky. Just look at this picture, isn’t Bucky the cutest squirrel ever?

7. Pliers

Can you imagine how brave Jannet needed to be when she started cutting the long teeth? There aren’t that many people who would risk their health to help others and it shows us how amazing Jannet really is.

6. Bucky Is Safe

Bucky’s life used to be difficult because he couldn’t eat with those long teeth, but things are finally going well for the little squirrel. Jannet makes sure that Bucky eats lots of delicious nuts every single day!

5. Living The Good Life

The little squirrel now has a place to call home and someone to give him love and affection. You won’t believe how Bucky repaid Jannet for her kindness!

4. Coming Back For More

Bucky didn’t forget about Jannet and he kept coming back to visit her. In fact, Jannet says that Bucky makes sure to leave her a couple of nuts as if to show his gratitude towards her.

3. Life Saver

We think it’s safe to say that Jannet is a lifesaver and there’s no doubt about that. Bucky’s faith looked grim before he met Jannet, but he is safe now. You will be amazed to see how many dogs Jannet saved along the years!

2. Lots Of Dogs

Jannet dedicates her life to protecting animals and this is why her house is filled with lots of dogs. Jannet adopted them all and gave them a chance to live a happy life.

1. Amazing Person

If there’s one thing we all can take from this story is that we should all try to be more like Jannet and help animals in need. The little squirrel didn’t stand a chance with those big teeth, but he is finally safe.