Have you heard of this new bank called Yotta Savings? It’s a new bank, but it’s backed by the FDIC. It’s not your traditional high yield savings account. While they do pay you more than a typical bank, they have also gamified savings. What we mean by this is Yotta will pay you a fixed interest rate, and based on how much savings you have with them, give you tickets for every $25 dollar saved. These tickets will enter you into their weekly Yotta lottery. If you match numbers you win prizes. If you think about it, it’s a great incentive system.

All together, Americans spent an astonishing $80 billion on lottery tickets in 2019 alone. Instead of wasting money on buying lottery tickets, why not save your money and also have the potential to win big prizes? The prizes vary from 10 cents, a new Tesla, or the highest prize $10M . In this review of Yotta Savings we break down the pros and cons of Yotta Savings and explain why it’s a game changer.


What Is Yotta Savings?

Yotta Savings is backed by the FDIC up to $250,000. That means your money is safe. While, on the surface, they may pay a slightly less interest rate than a traditional online only bank might, you have to consider the fact that they give you a chance to win up to $10M plus other cool prizes. And heck, while the odds of winning that much may be low,  your odds of winning smaller prizes such as 10 to 25 cents for every winning ball you get does add up.

Yotta Savings is a FDIC insured prize-linked online savings account. On the surface, the base yield of this account is less than other online savings accounts. However, when you consider that you could win up to $10,000,000 the upside could be a lot higher. Yotta Savings encourages the good financial activity of saving money while satisfying that gambling itch many of us have.

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  • Earn interest plus the chance to win big (up to $10,000,000)
  • Every $25 saved gets you another ticket
  • Invite friends for additional tickets


  • No checking account currently
  • Limited customer service

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How Do Yotta Savings Tickets Work?

Yotta Savings gives you 1 ticket for every $25 that you deposit.

Yotta Savings allows you to manually pick your numbers, or you can have them auto generated by Yotta. The numbers stay the same, so you don’t have to keep going back and picking new numbers.

With most traditional lottery tickets, the only way to win is to have winning numbers. However, with Yotta Savings, even if you don’t pick a winning number, your savings is still safe.

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Why Not Just Play The Actual Lottery?

Americans spend millions of dollars annually buying lottery tickets. Most tickets sold end with no prize. Yotta is different in that you don’t lose money buy getting tickets. In fact, you earn interest on the money you deposit into your Yotta Savings account plus get the chance to earning cool prizes.


Where Do People Save Money?

The most common place where people save money is a checking account. A majority of the time, most checking accounts don’t pay any type of interest whatsoever. Some savvy people will switch to a savings account where they will earn a fraction of a percent in annual interest. Again, this is essentially like earning no interest at all.

By eliminating costly brick and mortar locations, Yotta Savings is able to pass on the savings to it’s customers by not only paying a higher interest rate than a traditional bank, but also entering their members in weekly lotteries where they have the chance to win big.

Yotta Savings… Chance To Win Big Every Week!

When you open a Yotta savings account and deposit money, you will earn tickets into the Yotta Savings weekly lottery drawings worth up to $10 million. Yes, that’s right. In fact, every $25 gets you a recurring ticket into weekly number draws. No need to pick new numbers, just keep your old numbers and get new numbers by depositing an additional $25 to get another ticket.

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Cash prizes do very. The lowest you’ll win is if you have one matching number in their weekly drawing, which will make you 10 cents.

Even if your ticket doesn’t have a matching ball, you’re still going to make money on the funds in your account.

Bank of America and Chase pay 0.01% on savings. Why would anyone even bother putting their money into these old school banks. It just doesn’t make sense.


How much does Yotta Savings Cost?

Yotta Savings has no fees. They have no minimum, no monthly fees, and there is essentially no risk to you losing your funds.

Yotta Savings lists the winners of their cash prizes online, so you can see what other Yotta Savings members are winning.

With Yotta you have the chance to win up to 10 million weekly

How Does Yotta Work?

For every $25 you deposit in your Yotta savings account, you earn one ticket into that week’s drawing. Every Monday, you will pick 7 numbers for each of your tickets. If you prefer (or forget), you can have numbers automatically picked randomly.

You can get tickets into Yotta saving’s weekly drawing by receiving a recurring ticket for every $25 that you deposit. So, if you have $25 in a Yotta Savings account, you will receive one ticket every single week.

Another example, if you deposit $50 and never touch it, you get 2 tickets every week without needing to make new deposits.

Yotta contests occur weekly, with one number drawn each night at 9 p.m. ET in the Yotta Savings app. Contests start on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET and end on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET. Every Sunday, the 7th and final number for the week’s contests is drawn, and your winnings for the week will be determined

There is a $10 million jackpot if all your numbers match.

The more numbers you match, the more money you win. You can track your numbers on an easy to read chart connected to your account. If you see “Won” on your ticket chart with a dollar value next to it, that is how much money you have won so far that week for that individual ticket.

If a ticket does not have “Won” on it, it means it has not yet won any prizes that week.

Plus, there’s no way to lose! If you don’t end up winning anything in a week, you’ll get a bonus free ticket for the next week.

What If I Deposit Over $25,000 Into My Yotta Savings Account?

If you do have over $25K to deposit into your Yotta Savings account, you’ll still get 1 ticket for every $25 that you deposit. However, if you go over $25K, Yotta will slow down the rate at which you get new Yotta tickets.

Anything over $25K will require you to deposit $150 to get one Yotta ticket. This may seems like a lot, but Yotta has to be conservative with what they pay you in order to ensure they have enough to make it work for everyone.

For example, lets say you deposit $25K with Yotta Savings. You’ll receive 1000 Yotta Savings tickets. You won’t get another ticket until you deposit $150 more since you are above the $25K limit.

While this won’t affect most users, it might make some users decide to only keep $25,000 with Yotta.

How Does Yotta Choose The Winning Numbers?

The numbers are completely random. Yotta Savings uses a third party to randomly draw the numbers, so you can feel safe in knowing that they don’t just pick the numbers themselves.

The company they use is an A rated insurance carrier who is not directly affiliated with Yotta Savings.

It’s essentially a blind system, and in the event someone were to pick all the winning numbers, that insurance company would be the one to pay out the winnings.


How Much Does Yotta Savings Pay In Interest?

The federal funds rate determines how much Yotta Savings Pays. As that rate fluctuates, so does the rate Yotta will pay. They try and keep it fixed,  for all long as possible, but if the rate does fluctuate a lot they will adjust accordingly.

Currently, this online savings account pays an APY of 0.20% in addition to the prize pool.

With Yotta you can win small prizes or large prizes

My Results From Yotta

We have been personally using Yotta Savings for a few monthly now, and our average rate of return has been around 4% after winnings from matching numbers. We use the Yotta auto number generator and are happy with the results. We have made it a habit to deposit $100 monthly, and are currently at close to $1000.

When people talk about passive income, it really doesn’t get more passive than this. You really don’t have to do anything after you deposit the funds into the Yotta Savings account. I mean nothing. Once the numbers are chosen, it’s really just a set it and forget it kind of investment.


Yotta Lucky Tickets

Recently, Yotta rolled out a new feature called Lucky Tickets.

If you want to play the same numbers every week, you simply include these numbers here. Then, Yotta will play these numbers first before randomly generating other numbers.

How To Get Free Yotta Tickets

Yotta has a referral program where you get free tickets for every friend and family member that signs up. Not only do you get tickets, but they get tickets as well. In fact,  the links we have in this article have our referral code in it, so if you do decide to sign up, please be sure to sign up using our code so you can get a free 100 tickets when you sign up and we will also get 100 tickets. It doesn’t cost you anything to go through this link.

For the full details, refer to Yotta’s website.

Lottery / Prize Savings Accounts

While the concept of a prize-linked savings account is something new in the US, it has actually been around for some time in other countries.

In fact, for many years, more than twenty countries have used prize-linked savings as a way to encourage people to save money. Some of these countries include the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, and Germany. There are other too, but our point is that a prize savings isn’t anything new or untested.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest here, saving money is pretty dull. There’s nothing too exiting about it. On  the other hand, playing the lottery does typically give you a rush. However, it also makes you feel instant regret when you don’t win. Yotta Savings combines the best of savings accounts and the lottery into one package that is certainly worth a try.

Feel free to try it out and see for yourself.

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