Did you know that more than 67% users on eCommerce websites abandon their shopping carts without checking out? People like their questions to be answered instantly, and any uncertainty with their purchase can result in losing the sale. Using a WordPress live chat plugin allows you to reassure users at the most crucial moment.

ZupportDesk Live chat is one of the latest edition to live chat family with more then 6000 aactive users. Zupportdesk provide livechat, email ticketing, knloadgebase and contact manager softwears in one dashbard which is easy to conncet to your customers faster.

What Makes ZupportDesk Better?

  • – User-friendly
  • – Easy to set up
  • – Cost Is Very Low
  • – Free Trail Included
  • – 24/7 Customer Support & Trainings

ZupportDesk is an all-in-one customer service application that allows you to handle email, live chat, Knowledge base & Contact Management all within a single application.

Do check out our other features:

– Proactive Chat – Proactive chat is a feature that allows your live chat agents to invite website visitors into a one-on-one chat interaction. Chat invitations can be triggered based on visitor information and behavior metrics such as geographic location, current page, referral page, time on website, visit times, chat times, and more.

– Widget Customization –  Change the look of your chat widget, choose custom colors and designs that match your website and your unique brand.

– Knowledge base – Reduce the load on your customer support team with an easily accessible library of information. Add new information easily to improve customer satisfaction and reduce incoming support requests.

– Saved Replies –  You can create your own Saved Replies within the ZupportDesk application. Use them to boost your productivity and reduce response times.

– Mobile Apps –  Need to leave your desk? No problem! Be available for your customers at all times from your phone or tablet with our fully functional Android and IOS applications.

– Value for money –   Get all the features and tools you need to support your customers and maximize your ROI.

Start to chat with your visitors to understand their needs, convert them into actual sales, and learn exactly what they are doing on your website to improve your product or service.