The best thing about crafts is that they can be made out of almost anything! If you’re a nature lover and want to start combining your love with crafts, why not try these genius crafts you can make with nature.

With these super creative craft tutorials you can learn how to make some classy things like driftwood wall hangers, pressed leaf drawings, nature packed necklaces, diy nature lamps, diy wooden coasters and heaps more!

If you love your crafts check out these 32 Genius Crafts You Can Make With Nature!

1. Driftwood Wall Hanger

Driftwood Wall Hanger

Eat your heart out, Urban Outfitters.

2. Wire-Wrapped Twig Necklace

Wire-Wrapped Twig Necklace

You too, Anthropologie.

3. Painted Stone Garden Markers

Painted Stone Garden Markers

They look good enough to eat/subsequently crack a tooth on.

4. Dandelion Paint Brushes

Dandelion Paint Brushes

If this isn’t what Mother Nature intended then I don’t know what is.

5. Seashell Cake Topper

Seashell Cake Topper

She sells seashells by the nomnomnom.

6. Pressed Leaf Drawings

Pressed Leaf Drawings

These pictures, by The Sketching Backpacker, are uniformly amazing.

7. Domino Rocks

Domino Rocks

For hours of non-Candy-Crush-on-Dad’s-stolen-iPad fun. Directions here.

8. Hanging Flower Garland

Hanging Flower Garland

Get the tutorial here.

9. Pressed Leaf Necklace

Pressed Leaf Necklace

Find out how to make one here.

10. Geometric Birch Bunting

Geometric Birch Bunting

This is sliiiightly cheating because it’s made of birch straws and not actual twigs, but with a little foliage, some hot glue, and deep and abiding faith in yourself, you can easily pull this off without them.

11. Leaf Printings

Leaf Printings

Perfect for wall art or wrapping paper.

12. Twig Vase

Twig Vase

So ~rustic~. Find out how to do it here.

13. Seashell Shadowboxes

Seashell Shadowboxes

Get the directions here.

14. Crocheted Rock Cozies

Crocheted Rock Cozies

Okay I know this is honestly the most not-useful project ever, but I’ve made like five and they live on a little shelf in my bedroom and are so deeply satisfying that IDK dance what you feel. Directions here.

15. Birch Bark Lamp

Birch Bark Lamp

Directions here.

16. Leaf Confetti

Leaf Confetti

Paper punches are for so much more than paper.

17. Flower Crown

Flower Crown

This is way beyond the wilted dandelion wreaths of your childhood.

18. Yarn-Wrapped Sticks

Yarn-Wrapped Sticks


19. Seashell Candles

Seashell Candles


20. Acorn Candles

Acorn Candles

Awwwwwwww-er. (Plus they float!)

21. Tree Coasters

Tree Coasters

Gotta keep that artisanal whiskey off the shabby-chic tabletop somehow.

22. Leaf-Printed Easter Eggs

Leaf-Printed Easter Eggs

The dyes are completely natural as well.

23. Stick Plant Markers

Stick Plant Markers

This is easy enough for any kid with green thumb aspirations to do.

24. Gilded Pine Cone Garland

Gilded Pine Cone Garland

Directions here.

25. Paint-Dipped Pine Cone Garland

Paint-Dipped Pine Cone Garland

The way Pantone intended.

26. Stump Tic-Tac-Toe

Stump Tic-Tac-Toe

Make it yourself or buy it from Etsy.

27. Nature-Painted Rocks

Nature-Painted Rocks

Even moooooooore naaaaatuuuuuuuure. By Natasha Newton.

28. Acorn Deer

Acorn Deer

Hi new best friend.

29. Glitter Feathers

Glitter Feathers

Spread your wings.

30. Birch-Covered Notebook

Birch-Covered Notebook

Here is how to make it.

31. Owl Rocks

Owl Rocks


32. Feather Pencils

Feather Pencils

For those times when you have to ~write~ by ~hand~ and want it to be ~fancy~. Directions here.

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