38 Cute and Tiny Wild Mice Photos

Wild mice are usually considered as vermin in our homes, but when they’re seen in their natural habitat, wild mice are very cute.  In today’s post we’ve collected 38 Cute and Tiny Wild Mice Photos. Here are some facts you may not know about mice: Mice are very funny little

105 of the World’s Most Colourful Buildings

In today’s world, colourful buildings are not very common. Buildings are usually featuring boring colours like grays, browns, yellows and whites. In today’s post we’ll be looking at 105 of the World’s Most Colourful Buildings, which go outside the square and featuring multiple colours or rarely used colours in

50 Awesome and Creepy Halloween Tattoos

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to dress up and to embrace all things horror! But do you enjoy Halloween so much that you’d want a permanent Tattoo of the holiday season? In today’s article we’ve found 50 Awesome and Creepy Halloween Tattoos. With some amazing tattoos

40 Rustic Kitchen Designs to Bring Country Life

When we hear the word, rustic, we usually think of back to nature materials like wood, stone and the country life living which surrounds your senses with the smell of pine trees. Rustic Kitchen Designs portray a special style and can sometimes be seen as simple, artless, or unsophisticated. But

9 Infographics Show How Your Addictions Will Eventually Kill You

Recently the website, Treatment 4 Addicion, released a series of frightening and life changing 9 Infographics Show How Your Addictions Will Eventually Kill You. Going through how many years of one’s life can be shorten with various substances. Addiction is a state that is characterized by either compulsive drug use

150 Street Artists Cover an Old Tunisian Village in Beautiful Street Art

In a small village off the beaten path on the island of Djerba in Tunisia was recently visited by 150 Street Artists From 30 Countries. These street artists went to the island to participate in Djerbahood, which is a public street art exhibition to showcase their 150 pieces of artwork located on the

33 DIY Lighting Ideas: Lamps & Chandeliers Made From Everyday Objects

Creating household objects from everyday things can be very rewarding. By using recycled material to create things like DIY Lamps and Chandeliers, you’ll surprise yourself with how good it can look. In this article we’ll be looking at DIY Lighting Ideas you can do at home to make your

65 Beautifully Colorized Historical Photos of the Past

Color Photography didn’t come into play until the 1970’s and was extremely rare. When we think about history the first thing we think about is black and white photography. Thanks to today’s technology and software, we can now convert Historical Photos into color. Today we’ll be showcasing 65 Beautiful Colorized

15 Powerful Illustrations Show Women How To Fight Gender Prejudices

Sadly today women and girls are still being put into a corner with the way they should dress, behave and look. Our society needs a big wake up call when it comes to how we treat females, on a daily basis females around the world are still being the

37 Awesome Tattoos That Make Clever Use Of The Body

There’s no doubt that Tattoos are a inspirational art form which is growing in popularity. It’s now becoming more and more common for people to get tattoos. Deciding on what type of tattoo usually comes down to how you want to express yourself to the world through permanent body