24 Creative Websites using Wooden Textures

A classic trend design are the use of textures, especially Websites using Wooden Textures. Wooden Textures is a fantastic texture to use when you want to portray a organic and natural mood to a website. Some Websites using Wooden Textures can be quite bland and boring though, we've found some new

25+ Creative Flat Print Design Projects

Flat Design is fast becoming a popular trend in  Flat Print Design Projects, Website Design Projects and Logo Designs. Many designers are looking for new Flat Design Inspiration ranging from Flat websites to Flat Icons. So what does Flat Design mean? It's taking away subtle textures, drop shadows, gradients making

The Holidays are Coming; Is Your Site Ready?

The holidays are a time for family gatherings, delicious foods, and cozy nights spent by the fire. But they’re also the prime time for shopping of all kinds. After all, not only is there Christmas to think of, but also Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Years; and that’s not even

30 Fantastic Graphic Design Books for Designers

Learning Graphic Design can be a great journey, if you're a graphic designer or know someone that's a graphic design, these Graphic Design Books are the perfect gift. For Graphic Designers there's many skills to learn including typography, color schemes, layouts through to freelancing and guidelines. It's important that designers

23 Creative Websites using Video Backgrounds

Not all websites have to be static, websites using Video Backgrounds can be life to a website adding in movement and more appeal. With the ever growing speed of broadband and bigger screen sizes, there's much more creativity to be had when designing websites using video backgrounds. With the

Best Collection of Photoshop Plugins You'll Love

When designing in Adobe Photoshop it's sometimes handy to have effective Photoshop Plugins to help boost our workflow and creativity. Photoshop is a fantastic Graphic Design tool used by many to create websites, graphics and photographs. There are some fantastic premium and free Photoshop Plugins you can download today,

Designing Guidelines for Building Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are a great way to add interactivity to a content- it enables the users to click on the link and jump directly to the content they need. In other words, they are reason that holds the web together. In fact, without hyperlinks, a web will be a difficult

Flat Free Responsive Wireframe (PSD File)

Today's freebie is Free Responsive Wireframe PSD. This Free Responsive Wireframe PSD Template was created using a Flat style and contains neatly arranged layers making it easy for you to edit and make it your own. This Free Responsive Wireframe PSD Template will help speed up your workflow, helping you to design

Flat Long Shadow Free Christmas Icon Set (PSD)

Today's freebie is a beautiful set of Flat Long Shadow Free Christmas Icon Set, created by the hard working team at  Tutorials-Share.com. This icon set contains 20 Free Christmas Icons created in a PSD File making the Free Christmas Icon Set easy to edit and use on any of your

35 Inspiring iPhone App Websites You'll Love

When creating a iPhone App it's important to have a professional and beautiful website to match. iPhone App Websites are known to boost sales of the App they're created for, they should be clean, stylish and should match the design of the iPhone App. One of the hottest trends today