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30 Fun and Creative History Gift Ideas

Are you a History buff or know someone who is? Why not surprise them with a history inspired gift idea. Today we’ll be taking a look at some quirky and inspiration gift ideas that have the spotlight on an…

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18 Crazily Cool Personalized Gift Ideas

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23 Hilarious Christmas Pinterest Fails

With so much at stake during Christmas time it’s no wonder there’s going to be some epic Christmas fails! Christmas time is great for creating fancy DIY projects, or that special DIY Christmas card with your baby or even…

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32 Most Coolest Gadgets From 2015

One of the best things about 2015 was the inventions and coolest gadgets that were brought to life. All from around the world there are some crazy inventions that were created that you have no idea exist! Our lives…


20 Creative DIY 3D Wall Art

Decorating your walls can be super fun, but why not spice things up with wall art that pops out in 3D? These creative DIY Wall Art tutorials will help you create wall art that not only gives your creativity a…


34 Black & Gold Christmas Decor Ideas

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27 Crazily Cool Modern Staircase Ideas

Think you know stairs? Well after you see these cool modern staircase ideas you’ll never think about stairs the same way again! Stairs are an essential element of any 2 story home, these stairs have been designed with such…


50 Insanely Cool Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder tattoos are a great way to showcase your love for creativity and of course tattoos! The shoulder is a wonderful area to have a tattoo, you can also accompany your shoulder tattoo with a tank top or singlet or…


25 Animals Pictures Before & After Adoption

It’s a important decision when deciding to adopt a pet, but you can’t deny that making animals part of your family is the best thing you can do! Adopting animals is such a fantastic thing to do! Sure you’ll…


54 Moving On and Breaking Up Quotes

There’s nothing more thrilling then falling in love. It’s a feeling we’re all searching for, but sometimes relationships can come to an end and will leave you feeling empty and alone. Sometimes reading quotes about moving on or breaking…


22 Genius Christmas Party DIY Decorations

When planning a Christmas party for your friends and family why not celebrate this fantastic time of year by creating these clever Christmas DIY decorations! Many of these Christmas decorations are budget friendly and easy to make. Create your own Christmas Party…