19 Churches Converted Into Modern Family Homes

When you drive into an old town the first building you usually notice is the Church. It’s architecture and interior decor usually stands out from the crowd looking Gothic and medieval. In today’s article we’ll be looking at 19 Churches Converted Into Modern Family Homes. Reusing and redecorating old buildings can

30 Secret Rooms You Will Want in Your Own Home

When buying a home, you’ll get a lot of satisfaction in knowing you’re a home owner. but buying a home with secret rooms will make the experience all the more rewarding. Secret Rooms and Passages are incredibly appealing and bring mystery into our lives. Secret Rooms are great for

7 Facts About ‘The Dark Knight’ That You May Not Have Known

Are you a fan of The Dark Knight? In today's video CineFix shares some 7 Facts About ‘The Dark Knight’ That You May Not Have Known. The Dark Knight is a 2008 superhero film directed, produced, and co-written by Christopher Nolan. Based on the DC Comics character Batman, the film

33 Creative Photoshop Droste Effects Examples

In today’s series of images we’ll be taking a look at 33 Creative Photoshop Droste Effects Examples. Most of these Droste effects have been created using Photoshop, they require great skill and can be tricky to get right. With a little practice and dedication you should be able to learn

100-Year-Old Photo Negatives Found in Antarctica

Conservators of the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust discovered a box containing 100-Year-Old Photo Negatives while exploring huts in Antarctica. The box contained 22 never before seen ellulose nitrate negatives documenting some Antarctica explorers 100 years ago. Luckily the box was preserved in a block of ice, these historical

33 Wall Murals That Will Bring Your Room to Life

Depending on who you are, decorating your room can either be fun or a hassle. If you lack creative ideas and time bringing your room to life may not be an easy task. Which ever way you look at it, wall murals can take the pain out of decorating

40 Strange and Weird Inventions

Inventions are usually a good thing, but sometimes people can invent strange and weird inventions. Most of us would love to run our own business and invent something that will benefit everyone. But sometimes thinking of ideas can be harder than you think. In today’s post we’ve found 40 Strange

29 Brilliant Websites using Video Backgrounds

These days websites don’t have to be static, we’ve found these brilliant websites using video backgrounds. With the rise of HTML5 websites don’t have to be boring and static anymore. It’s become so much easier to create websites containing richer content like videos. We’ve found some exceptional websites which feature

Dad Draws Cool Lunch Bag Cartoon Character Illustrations

For many of us eating lunch from a lunch bag in a non event, nothing cool happens. But when your dad is Graphic Designer, Brian Dunn, you’ll find some cool lunch bag cartoon character illustrations! For the past 2 years, Brian Dunn, has been drawing beautiful cartoon characters. He

10 Weird and Funny Pokemon Cosplayers

Many people love dressing up as they're favourite characters, in today's collection we've found 10 Weird and Funny Pokemon Cosplayers, ever wondered what you're favourite Pokemon Characters would look like in real life? Take a look at these fun pokemon cosplayers. Pokémon (Pokemon, /po/ke/m/n/ poh-kay-mon) is a media franchise published