56 Most Popular Tattoos for Men

From chest tattoos, tribal tattoos, sleeve tattoos to back tattoos men have always had a passion for their tattoo! But what are the most popular tattoos for men? Today we’ll be showcasing some of the popular tattoos that men…


50 Clever Small Balcony Decorating Ideas

Small Balcony decorating ideas can be inspiring if done tastefully. You can turn your small balcony into a well used space by adding in beautiful outdoor furniture, adorable plants that can add some extra greenery and some extra outdoor…


20 Gorgeous DIY Travel Accessories

We all love to get away from our daily routine and go travelling. It’s human nature to want to explore our world and find new and exciting places. If you’re one of those lucky travelers why not try making…

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20 Beautiful DIY Lamp Shades

Many of us use Lamps to lighten up our rooms, not only can they look beautiful they also have a nice dim glow that isn’t too bright! Lamps are used on a daily basis, so it’s important to have…

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23 Brilliant DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas

A variety of materials can be used to make furniture, in this article we’ll be looking at some brilliant pallet furniture ideas. Wood pallets have a beautiful rustic look that can add character and personality to your home, because…


25 Clever DIY Purses and Bags

Bags have always been an essential item when leaving the home along with your purse. These days it’s always handy having that extra DIY tote bag that will help you carry your goods. Not only do bags help you…

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9 Weirdest Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

We all love Halloween costumes but sometimes they can go too far! Today we’ll be taking a look at some most weirdest Halloween costumes for couples. These outlandish Halloween costumes that people will be sure to find bizarre and…


69 Stylish Letter Tattoos

Letter tattoos can be very cool, one it can also be a tricky tattoo to decide on. First you’ll need to choose a good font that you like, the right size of that font and placement and finally find…

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10 Strange Experiences into Parallel Universes

For many years there have been numerous incidences where people have found themselves in strange places, other dimensions and in a different time. These are 10 Strange Experiences into Parallel Universes 10. Pilot who entered a Parallel Dimension In…

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23 Brilliant Uses For Baby Mason Jars!

If you used baby mason jars are stacking up, why not try some of these brilliant ways you can reuse mason jars. Mason jars are fantastic to repurpose these icon glassware and turn into something beneficial in your daily…


60 Amazing Rose Tattoo Ideas

Rose Tattoos are one of the most classic tattoo art you can get besides skulls, daggers and hearts. The rose is a timeless and beautiful flower that stands for beauty, love and life. Rose tattoos can look beautiful on any…


47 Gorgeous Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos are commonly known as ‘job stoppers’, neck tattoos are not for the faint of heart! Neck tattoos can’t be covered up (unless you want to wear a scarf all year round). If you’re thinking about getting a…


49 Insanily Cool Head Tattoos

Getting a head tattoo isn’t like other tattoos, it requires some guts! Head tattoos are usually for the tattoos addicts and can sometimes shock people more than usually. Getting a tattoo on the head can be the most visible,…