32 Of People’s Deepest And Darkest Fears Into Comics

Many of us have deep and dark fears we hide from others, these fears are usually irrational and often embarrassing or too ridiculous to share with others. Sometimes it can be amusing to see other peoples fears. Fran Krause has decided to illustrate People’s Deepest And Darkest Fears Into Comics.

20 Of The World’s Oldest Trees Took 14 Years To Photograph

Beth Moon is a San Francisco based photographer who set out to photography some of the largest, oldest and rarest trees that are currently on the earth. Travelling for 14 years, she has visited 5 continents, resulting is 60 magnificent photos of the world’s oldest trees. She recently published

9 Creepy Human Anatomy-Inspired Bags, Purses, And Shoes

Does human anatomy freak you out? Most people find the thought of skin, human hands and feet disturbing if made into a bag, purse and shows. Konstantin Kofta is a Kiev-based fashion designer, he creates creepy and disturbing wearable accessories which is inspired by human anatomy. With 9 Creepy Human Anatomy-Inspired

23 Cartoon Characters Added to Strangers’ Instagram Photos

Photo Invasion, is the latest project by Illustrator, Luca Levitan, where he takes photos from interesting people and invades them with his fun and quirky illustrations. He draws cartoons which completely change the perspective and look of the photographs, giving then a new storyline which will amuse you and

50 Colorful Glowing Prisms on the Streets of Montreal

A public art installation was recently unveiled by Canadian architecture firm RAW in Montreal. These impressive colorful 50 glowing prisms emit lights and colors. The structures are six and a half feet tall and can be found throughout the Place des Festivals. Visitors are allowed walk around all these rotating art installations.

22 Photos Of the Coldest Village on the Face of the Earth

Do you live in a cold climate? During the holiday season those living in places where it’s winter will experience a snowy winter, but did you know there’s a village called Oymyakon, Russia which is the coldest village on the face of the earth. New Zealand-based photographer Amos Chapple made a

20 Star Wars Reimagined As Famous Paintings

What if our favourite movies could travel back in time and be seen in famous paintings like the Scream? Well you don’t have to dream any longer, Scotland based artist, David Hamilton (aka wintersixfour), decided to reimagine famous paintings at the time of the Galactic Empire. The Star Wars buff merged

40 Most Beautiful Photographs of The Year

Photography can capture amazing moments which we can treasure, let’s take a look back at the year 2014 in the most beautiful photographs of the year. These breathtaking photographs simply reveal the beauty of the world, certain effects are used like long exposures which are stunning to look at.

10 Most Beautiful Libraries Around the World

Libraries are excellent places to escape from the world, pick up a book and start reading. There are so many wonderful libraries in the world, Frank Bohbot, is a New York Based French Photographer whom decided to document the beauty of libraries in an ongoing series entitled, House of

10 Images of Sculptural Ice on a Mountain in Slovenia

Taking photographs of tornadoes, lightning, storms, blizzards and other natural wonders can be extremely dangerous when it comes to the harsh weather conditions. Marko Korošec chases these types of weather and captures some breathtaking photos of 10 Images of Sculptural Ice on a Mountain in Slovenia. On December 9th, 2014, he