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So you’ve made the decision to install a pool in your back garden. But, are you flummoxed by the huge range of swimming pool design choices? There are so many swimming pool styles to choose from. Quite frankly, these days, anything is possible, so how do you choose? You’ve probably already started researching swimming pool builders, so if you have narrowed down your preferences, you would be wise to consult with experienced pool designers to see what is viable in terms of your individual property.

A good pool designer will be able to advise you on designs to suit your property, as well as pool designs and sizes that will fit in with the landscaping of your garden. It’s a good idea to choose a pool design that won’t date quickly and adds value to your property. You also want a pool to wow. Here are some amazing pool design ideas inspired by some of the most exotic pools on earth.

A head for heights

Source: Cosmopolitan


Perhaps you want to consider a rooftop pool? You’ll need a head for heights for this one on the rooftop of a luxury block of flats in downtown Houston, Texas. The Market Square Tower boasts an infinity pool that extends 10ft over the edge of the high-rise block of apartments. The Plexiglass floor is 8 inches thick, but the view down from the top of this 40-floor tower is terrifying.

Source: Bless This Stuff


On a smaller scale, you can still work the glass-bottomed pool idea into your home. This amazing home in Vancouver, Canada features an above the ground pool. The amazing home won several design awards because the designated site for this single occupancy home was restricted to a width of just 8 metres. Awesome!


A colourful splash

Source: Travel Plus Style


If you really want to go crazy with colour, take a look at these two mind-blowing, crazy coloured pools (one red, one gold). I’m not sure how this would go down in your back garden, but there’s a first for everything! Your pool will certainly get heads turning.

This red pool at the Library Resort in Koh Samui in Thailand has been tiled with orange, yellow and deep red tiles to create a spectacle of vibrant colour.


Source: Luxtogo


And the Gold Energy pool at the exclusive 5-star St. Regis resort in Lhasa, Tibet is tiled in glittering gold. Now that is gold standard.


The hidden spa pool

Source: Kiwi Collection


With clever planting you can achieve an oasis of serenity and relaxation. Hidden among lush plants at the end of your garden, you’ll have a great little hideaway. It makes a perfect home retreat for you to take a dip and restore your mojo. The Como Shambhala Estate Spa pool in Bali is the real thing if you need some inspiration.

Beautiful form with a beautiful view

Source: Freshome


Swimming pools don’t have to be rectangular. Why not play with the idea of unusual shape and form when you are thinking about your pool design? Take inspiration from the pool at the Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel (the world’s first 7-star boutique hotel). This pool has the ultimate wow-factor – in form, location and views. It doesn’t get better then this.

The Tank

Source: Vegas Experience


And here’s our wildcard! The Golden Nugget hotel in Las Vegas is home to the $30 million award-winning pool, known as the Tank. The pool features a 200,000 gallon shark tank aquarium so guests can experience the thrill of swimming right next to sharks with a glass divide. A glass flume goes through the tank too.

A pool in your garden may not be able to achieve an aquarium on such a grand scale, but an aquarium next to a pool isn’t a bad idea at all.

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Good luck with your pool installation!