10 Common SEO Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make

Utilizing the best SEO practices is important for growing your affiliate website.

Very often, beginner affiliate marketers experience little to no growth in sales because they are not adopting the right SEO practices for their websites.

1. Picking The Wrong Niche

Some affiliate marketers try to focus on the most profitable niches rather than picking one they are interested in.

While profitability is important, it is also important to pick a niche which you enjoy talking about. Remember it is possible to pick a niche which is both profitable and suits your interests.

2. Building A Poor Quality Website

It is important to build a good quality website with SEO in mind. A website which is poorly responsive, takes too long to load or is not mobile friendly will most likely turn off your visitors.

If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you are missing out on a big opportunity to rank in mobile SERPs. Utilize the best SEO practices while building your website in order to improve its search engine rankings.

3. Creating Poor Content

Putting out poor duplicate content will affect your search engine rankings since sites with duplicate content don’t rank well.

Your content should be unique and provide valuable information to your consumers. All affiliate marketers should put effort into the content they create or hire a good writer to write the content for them.

4. Using The Wrong Keywords

The keywords you use should be relevant to the content you create so that people can find your website easier. The right keywords will help you increase your organic search traffic.

Avoid using generic and broad keywords which have loads of competition. Try to be as specific as possible. You can make use of keyword research tools to help you analyze the volume and competition of the different keywords related to your seed keyword.

5. Promoting Too Many Products

Some affiliate marketers sign up for many affiliate programs and pick too many products to promote. Focus on one or two high quality products instead of many low quality ones.

In high ticket affiliate marketing, you promote expensive products which will give you a higher commission per sale and require small investment which is why affiliate marketing is the best method for beginners.

6. Promoting The Wrong Products

The products you promote as an affiliate marketer must be relevant to your niche. It should also be something you would recommend and use yourself.

Some affiliate marketers get caught up with the amount of money they can make per sale and choose products which are not genuine or relevant to the content they create.

7. Writing Poor Meta Descriptions

Poor meta descriptions can affect your click through rate, organic search rankings and keyword optimization. Make sure you incorporate the target keyword at least once in your meta description.

Your meta description should tell your consumers what they can expect to find on your website. You should also never use the same meta description across your whole site.

8. Not Using Data Analytics

Data analytics can help you identify your target audience including their locations and interests. This information will help you customize your site accordingly which will make your site audience stay longer.

You can analyze and optimize your pages for better engagement. Affiliate marketers who don’t use data analytics are missing out on many opportunities to grow and improve user experience.

9. Including Lots Of Irrelevant Backlinks

All the backlinks you include should be relevant to your niche and provide value to the user who is interested in your content.

Focus on authoritative and high quality backlinks instead of including too many low quality ones.

10. Failing To Track Links

Tracking your links will help you know how well they are performing. It will give you an idea about which links are leading to new customers, purchases and producing the best conversions.

If you don’t track your links, you won’t know whether your marketing strategies are working properly.


Make sure to educate yourself about all the SEO basics and use the right tools to optimize your website or platform. This can help you avoid making amateur mistakes which will cost you your time and energy.



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