Can you imagine your life without color? How dull and boring would it be? It is just impossible to imagine your life without colors. Colors bring a new life to any random thing. So, if anything around you is looking very dull and boring, I guess it’s time to repaint it!


Similarly, if you have a garage which is now no more bright and colorful, the time has come to bring back the life of that garage by implementing some garage paint ideas. Having a nice painted garage is as important as your painted house. Just imagine how it will look to park your stunning colored car in your boring garage? Indeed, not a good idea!.

Painting your garage helps in keeping your garage and cars clean and at the same time helps in giving an extra protection to your garage. Choosing the right paint colors is extremely important for a garage. While deciding the colors, keep necessary requirements into consideration.

Before anything else, let’s first understand why a coloring garage is important?

  • Painting your garage helps in keeping your garage clean and dirt-free
  • Painting your garage helps in adding an extra floor protection to your garage.
  • It is considered to be not that expensive so you can give a thought about it
  • Painting your garage gives a complete makeover to your garage in a healthy way
  • Helps in keeping your cars clean.

These are some of the benefits of getting your garage painted. Apart from giving a new look to your garage, it has some multi benefits too.

Thinking about some unique and innovative garage colors can sometimes be a huge task. One wrong color decision can ruin your whole garage look. How about checking out some cool garage paint ideas? Well, here Innovativedecorideas brought some of the stunning garage ideas keep read on.

Be innovative with your wall paint

Try to be more unique and innovative when it comes to selecting color options. Your color of wall paint speaks a lot about your garage. Choose the right color for your garage wall and ceiling which can help in improving the garage’s lightning conditions.

Lighter shades of wall and ceiling will help in reflecting light better in the garage and will also make it look shiny and beautiful. Light colors will also enhance your car’s beauty when parked in your garage.

Light colors at the same time are more at risk of getting oily and dirty. But you need to select color shades according to that. For example instead of selecting pure white, go for color shades like beige, cream, and grey which will be easier to clean and maintain.

It is not wrong in selecting lighter shades with the fear that they will look dirtier soon. Instead, choose it, but at the same time take utmost care of it. If going for lighter shades, you can take this idea of getting semi-gloss paint. Semi-gloss paint will ensure less dirt evident and is better in cleaning.

If we talk about garage color ideas, colors like blue, and green are also not a bad idea to go for. If someone wants to give a whole retro kind of feel to your garage you can definitely try out these cool colors.

Choose the Perfect Garage Floor Color

How about giving a whole new look to garage flooring? Indeed it is the best idea as flooring is something which is the first thing to get noticed. A nice and perfect flooring style can give a complete makeover to your garage.

Start with selecting a perfect theme for your garage. According to your theme, go for selecting a perfect color range for your flooring. From natural to bold colors, you can literally go for any shade when flooring of the garage is concerned.

Texture flooring is definitely one of the best options to go for. But at the time of selection, do take certain things in mind for an example and go for those options which will ensure less stains or breakage of flooring.

Interlocking tiles or Roll-out vinyl flooring can be the best options for your garage color ideas. Check out some really cool interlocking tiles which are so much in trend nowadays.

Garage Paint Colors should Complement each other

Garage paint involves so many things at the same time. Ceiling, walls, flooring. Garage main gate, cabinets and so many things come under garage paint. The first and the foremost thing to take into consideration is that everything should complement each other.

Right color combination will ensure that all the features effectively complement each other. You can add some bold color to make your space more innovative and interesting.

Don’t forget to add some interesting décor themes with garage paint ideas which will help in complementing each other smartly.

Choose the right garage door paint color

Choosing the right color and design for a garage door is quite essential. Your garage door is the first thing which will give the first impression of your garage.

While choosing the color for your garage door, make sure you don’t select the same as your house door. It should always differ at least when the color shades are concerned.

Color of your house gate and garage door should differ but not the whole theme. Make sure you select those colors which complement your home’s brick or roof or siding so that it looks well complemented.

Choose the right garage cabinet color

Garage cabinets are considered to be one of the important parts of your garage makeovers. The primary function of a garage cabinet is storage but it should look equally appealing and attractive just like garage walls and ceilings.

According to your selected décor theme of the garage, think about some well coordinated color schemes of garage cabinets which work well together.

You can even go for the colors which complements well with your vehicle parked in. Along with vehicles, check out your flooring, walls and ceilings and according to that you can choose your color for garage cabinets.

That’s all, so these were some of the 5 stunning garage paint ideas which you can rely on. If you are someone who wishes to get a new makeover to your garage, do check out these garage color ideas before getting your garage redesigned.