10 Essential Accessories to Shoot Like a Pro

Photography is more of an art than a science. Actually it is more of a science. Perhaps it is both. Good photographers know it is truly both. With the artistic perspective, the photographers of today quickly figure out that accessories are must-have to help achieve the best photography you possibly can. Staring with a good camera for your needs, the proper accessories help you with better photography through technology.

This certainly sparks the imagination. Regardless of being a natural light photographer or one that uses both as environments, you will find that the best accessories will make the job easier, allowing artistic inspiration to thrive. Shooting like a pro means getting your head into the game, no matter where you are.

If you live in the New York area, for example, you are in luck for endless photography possibilities. As one of the most thriving cities in the country, opportunity abounds and you will want the proper outfit for the best shoots, indoors or outdoors. You can take great shots at a professional photo studio in NYC.

Just like you need professional online tools like WordPress and Táve to properly run your business, you need quality gear to take sharp, professional photos.

Consider the top 10 accessories for shooting like a pro.

  1. The Camera Bag

Let’s face it: all the camera accessories you could have would not be very useful if you don’t have a good camera bag. On the better end of the market, it is good to extend your dollars to get the best camera bag you can buy.

Even if you are just starting out with the basics and may not have much gear, know that you will build upon said gear as you progress. Different shoulder bags and full backpacks are available according to preference.

  1. The Tripod

Sometimes, or often, the camera needs to be still with no shaking. This is where the tripod comes in. You will want one that is able to keep you shooting at your own height but it should also be capable of catching lower photos, such as the ground in front of your shot. There are many different brands and you can choose what you wish.

You will also need to attach a remote to the camera in many cases. Certain Bluetooth devices allow you to do this. Otherwise, you will be working with physical cords attached to the camera.

  1. Holster

If you are moving around during a photo shoot, you can easily appreciate having access to all cameras and close need accessories evenly balanced on the hips. One essential accessory with great ratings and reviews is the Spider Pro holster. This one fits around the waist and, with a ball and joint construction to carry all your cameras right at your side to be ready for shoots. It has an even distribution of weight, creating greater comfort.

  1. Pulse

This nifty creation is fitted with a smartphone application to bring control of your shoots straight to your phone. This is perfect for long exposures and balancing a tri-pod camera to avoid shaky shots. If you are looking for an easier way to use high technology from even Bluetooth devices, this is a way to do it.

  1. Camera Strap

At the basic level, you will always want to have a good camera strap for the best shoots away from a tripod. The strap allows you to shoot freely while stabilizing the hand and the camera so you do not get blurred photos as often. One example is the SpiderPro camera strap, but there are many others on the market that fit in line.

When you get the opportunity, find which straps will be best for you and your photography needs.

  1. More Lenses

Exactly how you look at it is what extra lenses are for. Aside from the brands, you do want to find high quality and adaptability. The best way to manage this is with all the lenses you need. This is the eye for your camera. Check out the specifications and learn more with some research. You will find what you are looking for quickly.

  1. Lens Cleaner

Going back to the basics, you will always need to take care of the lenses, as they are crucial to you shooting like a pro. Never use anything that has not been approved for camera lens cleaning. One of the best you can choose is a lens cleaning pen. These do not leave any residue and clean off all smudges, fingerprints, etc.

  1. Light Reflector

If you are shooting indoors, you will need accessories to help with light adjustment. One of the best to have is a light reflector to adjust background and foreground lighting, respectively. You should be able to literally see what types of lighting you may need.

  1. Broad Range Lenses

The importance of having good lenses has already been pointed out. However, you can also get high grade lenses which span many different settings for multiple environments. Granted, such lenses can be more expensive, the expense is actually spared from having too many lenses in the first place.

One excellent example is the Vario-Tessar T* E16-70mm f/ 4ZA OSS. This lens sells for around a thousand dollars. It should be clear by the specifications that the lens has a broad range of capability, ultimately saving you money on multiple lenses.

  1. Good Flashes

If you are doing indoor photography, there is little to no natural light. If you want to have additional light, flashes can help but they generally do not produce better photographs due to glare of various kinds. A new flash on the market is the Cannon Speedlite 40EX iI. Among professional photographers, this one is considered to be a standard compared to other brands, as it is the preferred flash for most pros.

While these are 10 basic accessories, it is important to understand that these are just the roots of good, professional style photography. After all, it is best to learn from the ground up. Once you find the need for additional accessories, you can consult with the pros or read professional blogs to learn more. Where you are is the best place to begin.