Christmas time can be costly. Fortunately, by setting a budget and spending wisely, you can get through the holidays without breaking the bank.

There are plenty of affordable gifts that will make a statement this year. Here are ten of the best Christmas gifts under $30.

Custom Swag

Everyone loves getting customized gifts. Whether it’s a mug with a quote from their favorite television show or a t-shirt with a witty quip on it, this gift option is simple, affordable, and cherished.

You can order your custom swag in bulk and cover everyone on your list using an online vendor like Vistaprint. Don’t forget to save more money by grabbing some Vistaprint free shipping coupons at Pretty Sweet.

At-Home Spa Kit

While a trip to the spa is costly, there are a lot of beautiful products available to create a lovely at-home spa kit. Pick up a few bath bombs, sheet masks, and candles to put together for your friends who need a reminder to practice self-care.


Plants and succulents are simple gifts that spark joy and keep on giving year-round. Invest in easy to care for plant breeds that don’t require a lot of light and can withstand the quirks of your forgetful friends.

To make the gift more personal, put together a DIY terrarium kit, or upcycle a boring clay pot to create something more eye-catching.

Portable Phone Charger

It’s ironic how we went from having phones with cords to mobile devices to smartphone batteries that drain quickly. Not only is a portable phone charger and affordable gift, but it’s also a practical one that the person on your gift will love.

Tea or Coffee Samples

Both tea and coffee lovers are passionate about their drinks. Give them the gift of trying something new with a sampler from one of their favorite shops. Pair it with a unique mug for a gift that’s as easy as it is thoughtful.

Scarves, Hats, and Mittens

You can never have enough gear for braving the elements. If you have a friend on your list that’s always cold, invest in a nice outdoor wear set: the softer and warmer, the better.

Baked Goods

Invoke your inner Martha Stewart this holiday season and use your budget to bake for the people on your list. Pick up a few baskets in which you can artfully arrange your baked goods. For a fun twist on this traditional gift, create a breakfast basket, and add in some homemade jam.


There are endless options when it comes to journals. Buy a gorgeous, Moleskine journal with blank pages for your loved one to chart their own course forward or buy a fill-in journal to make it simple. From helping them craft their memoirs to providing a tool for practicing mindfulness, there’s a journal for everyone.

Scratch-Off Poster

Scratch-off posters have become increasingly popular in recent years. For the film lover in your life, you can get one dedicated to the top 100 movies of all time. For the bookworm, get one that outlines the classics. If you have an avid traveler on your list, get a scratch-off map. This will become both a decoration and a challenge.

Bubble Wrap Calendar or Goal Tracker

Some of the best gifts for adults are the ones that bring out their inner child. Buy them a bubble wrap calendar or goal tracker to give them the satisfaction of popping a bubble every day for the next year.

Sticking to a budget is imperative to getting through the holidays with your health and wellness intact. There are endless options for everyone on your list that fall within your financial limits. After all, it’s the thought that counts.