Fans and musicians of the metal music community frequently get a poor rap for their tattooed, gruff and dark appearances. The adorable pair of photographs printed in Metal Cats by Alexandra Crockett sets out to change all that by simply getting skilled metal musicians showcase their softer sides as well as to model using their feline friends.
Groups are represented by individuals modeling in these pictures with names that are anything but cuddly – Skeletonwitch, Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct, Napalm Death and Lightning Swords Of Death. But despite their black leather as well as these fearsome group names, spikes, tattoos and muscles, it is clear they share a close relationship using their loveable creatures the same as the rest of us.
What is even better is these musicians, most of whom have thousands of supporters worldwide, are not only setting their faces.

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Alexandra Crockett’s Metal Cats is available on Amazon. A portion of the proceeds from this book’s sales will go to no-kill animal shelters in cities along the West Coast.