Futuristic bathroom and bedrooms ideas have become popular at recent years. When you have planned to renovate your small bathroom and bedrooms, you should be noticed to perceive bigger dimension in the small bathroom. If you want create amazing feeling in your old bathroom. you can apply futuristic bathroom ideas. In a modern era. Many people interested with futuristic design. The main reason is the futuristic design offers the efficiency and practicality are used to facilitate human activity and definitely brings a positive impact for us. This is why many people interested to applying futuristic bathroom and bedrooms design on their old bathroom.

The first thing to do when applying futuristic bathroom and bedrooms ideas is picking the right wall color. You can paint the wall in light tones. You can choose sunny yellow, snow white or even cute purple. If you opt for sophisticated design on the futuristic bathroom and bedrooms, you can go with a metal accent. It can be painted with royal silver color. Many homeowners apply the futuristic bathroom and bedrooms ideas to achieve an elegant atmosphere inside their bathroom. Futuristic bathroom design can be achieved by using the latest products bath that has been equipped advanced high technology, such as hot water by solar power

Futuristic Bathroom and bedrooms Ideas With Amazing Design

Hanging Bedroom in a Box

image source hollywoodmirrors.co.uk

Those living in small spaces have to be creative about dividing up the space, but putting up screens only gets you so far. This ingenious solution is an entire loft bedroom that securely hangs from the ceiling, providing a sleeping space that makes use of high ceilings. Positioned as it is within this particular room, the loft still leaves enough room for adults to stand up beneath it, but is low enough to easily walk into from the elevated portion of the space. The back surface of the loft could even be used as a movie screen.

High-Tech Futuristic Bathroom Design

At first glance, this bathroom appears to be incredibly simple – a ceiling-mounted showerhead and a slatted wooden floor in a large, empty room. But there’s much more to this elegant, minimalist space than meets the eye. The floor opens up to reveal what lies literally just beneath the surface – a set of benches on either side of a luxurious tub.

Awesome Bedroom Treehouse for Kids

What kid doesn’t love a treehouse, especially one you can sleep in? This loft bedroom design for kids not only expands the usable space in the room, making use of an upper corner that would normally be empty, but it’s incredibly fun, too.

Modular Portable Bathroom for Small Spaces

While porta-johns aren’t exactly coveted additions to modern homes, this modular portable bathroom by Fernando Silva has many of the bells and whistles small-space dwellers want. It fits a commode, shower, scale, fan and sink with mirror into one simple portable package in customizable designs.

Simple Loft Bedroom Design Idea

Homes with open floor plans are bright and versatile, but what about privacy when it comes time to turn out the lights? This lofted mini-bedroom idea sections off a little bit of space, putting a bed on an elevated platform and leaving plenty of storage space underneath it.

Transforming Modular Bathroom Design

Imagine the space that could be saved in a bathroom if every fixture – from the shower to the toilet – was hidden behind a wall. This modular bathroom design features pull-out fixtures that can easily be tucked away when they’re not needed.

Space-Saving Furniture Creates Instant Loft

How much function can you possibly pack (comfortably) into a tiny room? These incredible furniture sets, including this instant loft with a bed, desk, storage space and closet, fit an astonishing amount of utility into the smallest of spaces. In terms of aesthetics and materials, these designs are best for children and teens, but the concept could easily be applied to adult rooms as well.

Sleek, Luxurious Black Bathroom

Who says bathrooms have to be filled with cold, shiny white surfaces? This bathroom design goes against the grain with exotic dark hardwoods and the curving, ergonomic shapes of Morphosis high-end bathroom fixtures. The design of the steam shower in particular is anything but the expected, with a sloping wooden seat that’s both comfortable and beautiful.

Bedroom-in-a-Box Design

It’s pretty amazing how many items of furniture designers can pack into a relatively small package, as in this colorful all-in-one room-in-a-box. A trunk unfolds to reveal a desk, bed, wardrobe, shelves and storage boxes – perfect for travelers or just for living a bit more lightly.

Modular, Mobile, Transforming Bathroom Fixture Set

Another space-saving solution for bathrooms is this rather futuristic-looking column of compact fixtures, including lights, a sink, storage space and a toilet. Since the components rotate out, they’re easy to access but tuck out of the way when not needed.

All-in-One Children’s Bedroom & Playroom Set

You can enjoy an amazing style when you like to bring new look in the futuristic bathroom ideas. Futuristic bathroom ideas also provide electric lighting can be turned off and on automatically by the heat sensor. On other hand, You need to use the right cleanser on the futuristic bathroom. Don’t forget to pick the light color. If you want to make your futuristic bathroom look amazing. If you like to signify relaxing style in the bathroom, you can opt for futuristic bathroom ideas in aqua, cute purple, pastel blue, snow white, lime green and pink color.