Is it about time for your next appointment with your nail tech? For style versatility, it’s good to find a nail studio with expert manicurists. Finding one is simple. Just enter the search query “nail studio near me” into Google, and you’ll learn your options. That said, here are 12 types of nail art designs that you can choose from this year.

Eyes Nail Art

If you want something eye-popping, this style does it best. It combines white and black for a good contrast. And the eyes get painted at the base of your nail to give them the right shape. You’re free to play around with other colors. But remember, contrasting ones work best.

Faces Nail Art

This type of art needs a manicurist with attention to detail. They should also have stable hands to get it right. The method involves drawing unique faces on your nails. These can be your regular smiley faces or even abstract faces.

Floral Nail Art

Do you love bouquets? If so, you’ll enjoy this style of nail art. Whether you need something pretty for a weekend picnic or brunch with the girls, this type of nail will work. You can pick any flower you like in any color pallet too. But remember, neutral colors might be more versatile.

Love Hearts

Are you the romantic type? With Valentine’s Day coming up, this is another excellent alternative. The style combines pink and red and is perfect for a romantic dinner date.

Nature Inspired Nail Art

If you love mother nature, you’ll appreciate this form of nail art. It involves painting flowers, leaves, and tree-like figures on your nails. You have the option of choosing any flowers you want. And you can go crazy with colors you love.

Line Art

If you love line art in paintings or drawings, you’ll enjoy having your nail tech paint it on your nails. The method involves painting clear-cut straight lines. For the best effect, you need an expert with a steady hand. A fine brush is also critical. You can experiment with different colors and shapes.

Dot Nail Art

This type of art is direct to the point and easy to do. Because it’s simple, it offers a lot of flexibility in how much you can play around with it. You can use various colors as your base. And once you do that, a simple dot of a contrasting color should go on a random space on your nail.

Colored Tips

Ever thought of just coloring the tip of your nails? This method allows you to enjoy more than one color. You can have thin rows of different colors at the very tip of your nails. Feel free to experiment with different colors. And for the best look, allow the first colored row to dry up before painting the next one.

Minimal Nail Art

Some people get overstimulated with too much design. If that’s you, and you believe that less is more, then you should consider minimal nail art. You can start with a clear coat as your base. And after that, use something distinct or shiny such as small pearls and tiny shells.

Silver Tips

Are you thinking about trying something in the chrome nail trend? Wearing your natural nails with a silver tip is a great look for the office if you’re in the corporate world. Silver polish works okay. But, you’ll have the effect longer with silver stripes. Once you’ve painted on your clear base coat, it allows the silver to pop out more.

Playful Designs

Mixing color pallets is a great way to experiment with different shades and tones. If you want something fun and lightheaded, this style is what you need to try. On top of the base coat, you can add different cute designs to your liking. Whether you’d like to draw an eye or anything else that makes you find meaning in your art, you can go for it. The fun part about the playful design is that you have the freedom to try different things.

Modern Color Pallet

If you’re interested in a simple but stunning look, the modern color palette is for you. You will have different colors painted on different nails. It’s best to start with three colors from the same side of the color wheel.

Wrapping Up: Finding the Right Service

To get the results you desire, you need a skilled manicurist. You might have tried searching Google for the query “makeup studio near me.” If that didn’t work for you, check out It’s your one-stop site for finding the best places and services in your region.