In this modern minimalistic interior era, rustic-chic undoubtedly adds a timeless charm. While redecorating your home, this style offers you a wide range of options. Whether you want to have a soft woody or dreamy whimsical or openness like the sea, rustic chic style can do everything you want. It consists of distinctive characters but completely avoids the structure, which creates a stuffy feel of past style. Read on to explore the key ways to get the rustic-chic décor ideas for your space.


Go with neutral color schemes.

A very appealing idea to get a rustic-chic décor is color pairing. A neutral color palette can provide a base for seasonal views. Typically, the base palette comes in white or grey, which creates a warm environment. However, other earth-based palettes such as soft brown or pale green won’t look bad either. After all, the purpose of rustic chic style is to embrace the perfectly imperfect nature. However, do not forget to add some wall art and decoration pieces to add more charm.


Make it extraordinary with living plants.

Having a natural vibe in your living room is always relaxed and straightforward. There are multiple ways to bring the element from nature. Indoor plants atop the Centre table – draped from a high shelf or hung from the ceiling – always gives a natural and lively vibe. Evergreen cutting is a traditional way to spruce up the arrangement; while flower cut brings softness and texture, branch cut adds more drama and flare.


Add wood paneling like country homes.

If you wish to make the room warmer and inviting, you can redecorate it with wood paneling. Try to choose dark wood to create a more intense and polished rustic aesthetic. That way, it will bring a cozy addition to your rustic-chic décor ideas. You can go for the darker shade wood to decorate your bedroom, while lighter shades will be perfect for other areas like the living room. To create a seasonal aesthetic, look for the weathered wood panel.


Incorporate some classic decorative items.

A timeless piece of chandelier combined with a neutral color palette can upgrade your rustic chic vibe. Incorporating a wooden headband with the elegant chandelier will bring a perfect burn house appeal. Especially if you choose to go with an antler in wrought iron, it can create a powerful rustic charm even in a minimalist room. Just pay a visit to Sogni di Cristallo and see which chandeliers fit the most.


Enrich with a refreshingly feminine touch.

Rustic style is usually known as the rugged and masculine concept. But you can give it a proper balance by putting the ‘chic’ in the process. Again, the process should start with the color scheme. A palette of white or pink will bring a soft glow to the rustic room, while a pink tufted ottoman or white furniture will look genuinely chic. Then, pair it with the flower-printed curtain and the cushion cover to have a prominent feminine touch.