Sometime when you’re a artist, designer or photographer, clients can say some of the dumbest things! We’ve got a lot of respect for designers, artists and photographers, they make the world a better and more beautiful place. Photographers are one of those jobs that can sometimes get people who don’t understand the craft ask stupid things. Italian graphic designer Luca Masini has created a series of 13 Things Funny Not to Say to a Photographer, called What Not to Say to a Photographer.

A collaboration with Picame Magazine, after his first series called What Not to Say to a Graphic Designer, became incredibly popular. They wanted to create a new idea dedicated to only photographers asking, “Could we not turn our thoughts also to another major category of creative people always targeted by the most outlandish requests of customers?”.

Here are 13 Things Funny Not to Say to a Photographer, if you’re not in the photography field, you might try avoiding these questions in future.

More Info: Zerouno website

via [Photojojo]